Technology Tools and Resources Review

We have developed a process to manage vendor requests for meetings and demonstrations. If you receive an initial inquiry and think it warrants further review, please have the vendor complete the online Vendor Meeting Request form.

We will contact the vendors within 10 days of submitting the form to review the request and schedule their participation in a vendor showcase if needed. This is not just an opportunity to vet the technology tool or resource through a wider audience, but a way for our faculty and staff to learn about these products and gain professional development credit.

These demonstrations will also be recorded and made available online. We will solicit feedback from in person and online attendees through an online evaluation, and provide Professional Development credit for each evaluation submitted. Please register for the Technology & Resource Vendor Showcases on the workshop database.

Video Recordings

  • March 31, 2017, Vendor Showcase live stream of demonstrations by Vital Source, MindEdge and Acrobatiq