Using FacultyEnlight®

Selecting Textbooks with FacultyEnlight®

FacultyEnlight is Barnes and Noble's textbook selection software (B&N manages ACC's brick and mortar bookstores). It offers a more streamlined integration between ACC's textbook selection process and B&N's order management system than the former ordering processes in Ellucian. Using FacultyEnlight will also assist students view the correct information (textbook and associated costs) when they click on the 'Textbooks' links provided in ACC's online Course Schedule and ensure that B&N has the correct books/materials available for students.

Per Administrate Rule #4.01.006 Course Materials Orders course materials and textbooks orders will be submitted via FacultyEnlight. All staffed sections are required to have materials/textbooks ordered by the first day of registration for each semester.

Below is a quick overview of the process for ordering textbooks using FacultyEnlight. This training is also available for download in PDF format. (

  1. You will need to first create an account with FacultyEnlight:
  2. Once you have created your account using your ACCmail address, check your email for a welcome message from FacultyEnlight ( This message confirms your userid and contains a brief introduction to FacultyEnlight including research textbook options and ordering custom course packs.
  3. NOTE: By default, the username is the first part of your ACCmail address (the name appearing before the @ symbol). For instance, if your ACCmail address is, your FacultyEnlight username is james.madison. The default password is "P@ssword1". It is highly recommended to change your password. FacultyEnlight has strict password requirements; your password must include a number (1, 2, 3, etc.) and a special character (! @ # $ % ^, etc.).

  4. 'Sign In' to FacultyEnlight: Use the Username and Password supplied in the welcome email message. If you do not have this message, try the default Username (ACCmail user name) and Password (P@ssword1) as described above. If this fails, use FacultyEnlight's password recovery system here: FacultyEnlight will mail you an one–use password.
  5. Click the "Adopt" text link on the FacultyEnlight site:

    Faculty Enlight home access page

  6. Select the appropriate Term from the drop down menu (ex. Spring 2016):

    Select Term or course

  7. Select the Department from the drop down menu (ex. GOVT ):

    Select Dempartment

  8. Select the appropriate course (ex. 2305):

    Select course

  9. NOTE: If your class does not require a textbook, click the “No Text Material Required For This Course” box.

  10. Select the check box(es) for appropriate section(s):

    Choose appropiate sections

  11. NOTE: You may not see your name listed. If this is the case, search by the section number listed in the online schedule for your department. If your class does not require a textbook, click the “No Text Material Required For This Course” box.

  12. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Continue".
  13. Select textbooks for your section(s).

    NOTE: FacultyEnlight offers several options in selecting a specific textbook. The easiest, fastest, and most accurate method is to copy and paste the appropriate 13­digit ISBN from your department's approved Textbook Inventory list. This list provides the approved textbooks and media formats for your program, which are typically reviewed and approved annually in the spring by your department/advisory committee. If your class does not require a textbook, click the “No Text Material Required For This Course” box.

    1. Select "Add by ISBN".

      Add by ISBN box

    2. Paste the appropriate 13­digit ISBN in the "Enter ISBN Number *" text field.

      Course Details

      NOTE: If you use one of the free online resources, you'll use 2816000103539 as the ISBN number. This will generate a "Refer to Class Syllabus" note for students to see.

    3. Click the "Search" button. FacultyEnlight will search for the ISBN and display "Added to Book Bag" when located.
    4. Click "Continue".
    5. Select the "Required" or "Recommended" Radio button.

      Required or recomended choice tab

    6. Click the "Submit Order" button.
  14. Select the Department Representative (your Department's Administrative Assistant or designee):

    List to select the deparment representative

  15. Add a personal message in the text field (for instance, "Here are my Spring 2016 textbook selections") and enter your email address; FacultyEnlight will generate an email of your order for your records. If you are using free or low-cost OER materials please add this information in the text field.
  16. Click the "Submit" button.
  17. Repeat the process as necessary for your other course sections.
  18. Your textbook selections will be sent to your Department's Administrative Assistant or designated point person who will verify the ISBN requested is from the approved Textbook Inventory.
  19. The Administrative Assistant or designated point person will review, approve, and submit your order to the Bookstore for processing or decline your selection. Declined selections typically occur when the textbook selected is not on the department's approved Textbook Inventory list. You will receive an email notification either confirming approval of your textbook selections or informing you of a selection being denied and providing you with a link to edit your selection in FacultyEnlight.

  20. Send any feedback you may have on this process to your Department Chair and copy your Administrative Assistant and the Office of Curriculum Development.

If you have questions about how to use FacultyEnlight, please contact the following bookstore staff:

  • Amy Hankey | Assistant | Textbook Manager
  • ACC Bookstores
  • 512.476.1921 ext 2
  • 512.474.2607 ext 2