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Applied Technology, Multimedia and Public Service

Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology
  • HART Vacuum PullHART: How to Pull a Vacuum Pump
  • Trip to HEB Trip to the Grocery Store (HEB)

    Cooling for produce and meat products is a big undertaking for big grocery store chains. See how an Austin-based HEB store handles their refrigeration system.

ASL Specialized Signs Website - Interpreter Services

Interpreters and students alike can pre-view and review signs for specialized courses in welding, electrical and automotive technology.

  • Automotive vocabularyGo to Automotive Terms website
  • electrical vocabularyGo to Electrical Terms website
  • welding vocabularyGo to Welding Terms website

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Criminal Justice

    Austin Can Academy Student Interviews with Wayne Lovings

  • Bertha Bertha
  • Brice Brice
  • Jaqualin Jaqualin
  • Juan
  • Maria
  • Mark Mark

    ACC Vocal Jazz Ensemble

  • ChoralChiliCarne ACC Vocal Jazz Ensemble - Chili con Carne
  • Brice ACC Vocal Jazz Ensemble- Sing Me to Heaven
  • ChoralOrangeSky ACC Vocal Jazz Ensemble - Orange Colored Sky
  • ACC Vocal Jazz Ensemble - And So It Goes

Arts & Humanities

Philosophy, Religion, Humanities & Women Studies

Philosophy skits are scenario based to elicit discussion.

  • Skit 1Philosophy Skit 1
  • Skit 2Philosophy Skit 2
  • skit 3Philosophy Skit 3
  • skit 4Philosophy Skit 4
  • skit 5Philosophy Skit 5

Business Studies

Hospitality Management
  • Bed and BreakfastThe Bed and Breakfast: Fredericksburg's Secret Economic Stimulator
  • Economic StimulatorThe Business of B&Bs: What it takes to run a bed and breakfast.
  • convention centerPutting Ecotourism & Sustainability into Perspective - Case Study: Austin Convention Center
  • WurstfestWurstfest: Special Events and Festivals in Central Texas
Culinary Arts
  • Austin CooksGo to the Austin Cooks website

    ACC chefs instruct and demonstrate a series of techniques.

Videos available under CC Atribution-NonCommercial-Noderivs 3.0


  • Texas Writers Texas Writers on the Elements of Fiction

Health Sciences

Emergency Management Systems

    Demonstrations of key procedures.

  • Intramuscular InjectionIntramuscular Injection
  • IV Bolus Prefilled SyringeIV Bolus with Prefilled Syringe
  • Subcutaneous InjectionSubcutaneous Injection
  • Adult Endotracheal IntubationAdult Endotracheal Intubation
  • Prefilled SyringePreparing a Prefilled Syringe
  • Blood Tubes Using a Transfer DeviceFilling Blood Tubes Using a Transfer Device
  • DefibrillationDefibrillation with Multipurpose Pads
  • DefibrillationDefibrillation with Paddles
  • CombitudbeCombitudbe
  • Medication from AmpulePreparing Medication from an Ampule
  • Medication from VialDrawing Medication from a Vial
  • Adult EndotracheaAdult Endotracheal with Suctioning
  • Endotracheal Drug AdministrationEndotracheal Drug Administration with a Prefilled Syringe
  • Intraosseous InfusionIntraosseous Infusion
  • IV PiggybackIV Piggyback
  • IV Therapy with FluidIV Therapy with Fluid
  • IV TherapyIV Therapy with Saline Lock
  • Laryngeal Mask AirwayLaryngeal Mask Airway
  • Nasogastric TubeNasogastric Tube
  • Pediatric EndotrachealPediatric Endotracheal Intubation
  • Butterful Needle with SyringePhlebotomy: Butterful Needle with Syringe
  • Needle VacutainerPhlebotomy: Needle and Vacutainer
  • Synchronized CardioversionSynchronized Cardioversion with Multipurpose Pads
  • Synchronized CardioversionSynchronized Cardioversion with Paddles
  • Transcutaneous PacingTranscutaneous Pacing
Interviews of Students, Professionals & Faculty in Health Sciences
  • Nursing FacultyADN Nursing Faculty
  • Nursing GraduateADN Nursing Graduate
  • Nursing StudentADN Nursing Student
  • Dental FacultyDental Faculty
  • Dental GraduateDental Graduate
  • Dental StudentDental Student
  • EMS FacultyEMS Faculty
  • EMS GraduateEMS Graduate
  • EMS StudentEMS Student
  • PT FacultyPersonal Trainer Faculty
  • PT GraduatePersonal Trainer Graduate
  • PT StudentPersonal Trainer Student
  • K FacultyKinesiology Faculty
  • K GraduateKinesiology Graduate
  • K StudentKinesiology Student
  • Voc Nursing FacultyVocational Nursing Faculty
  • Voc Nursing GraduateVocational Nursing Graduate
  • Voc Nursing StudentVocational Nursing Student
  • MC FacultyMedical Coding Faculty
  • MC GraduateMedical Coding Graduate
  • MC StudentMedical Coding Student
  • MLT FacultyMedical Laboratory Technologist Faculty
  • MLT GraduateMedical Laboratory Technologist Graduate
  • MLT StudentMedical Laboratory Technologist Student
  • MRI FacultyMRI Faculty
  • MRI StudentMRI Student
  • OTA FacultyOTA Faculty
  • OTA GraduateOTA Graduate
  • OTA StudentOTA Student
  • Pharmacy FacultyPharmacy Faculty
  • Pharmacy GraduatePharmacy Graduate
  • Pharmacy StudentPharmacy Student
  • PTA FacultyPTA Faculty
  • PTA GraduatePTA Graduate
  • PTA StudentPTA Student
  • Radiology FacultyRadiology Faculty
  • Radiology GraduateRadiology Graduate
  • Radiology StudentRadiology Student
  • Sono FacultySonography Faculty
  • Sono GraduateSonography Graduate
  • Sono StudentSonography Student
  • ST FacultySurgical Technology Faculty
  • ST GraduateSurgical Technology Graduate
  • ST StudentSurgical Technology Student
Medical Lab Technology
  • CryptosporidiumAcid Fast Stain for Cryptosporidium
  • Blood DonationBlood Donation Process 2004
  • ProcedureFormalin-Ethyl Acetate Concentration Procedure
  • Giemsa StainingGiemsa Staining for Blood & Tissue Parasites
  • Trichrome StainingPermanent Trichrome Staining
Pharmacy Technician
  • Overcounter drugsOver the Counter Drugs Update (Program 71)
  • Pain Fifth Vital signUnderstanding Pain as the Fifth Vital Sign (Program 76)
  • Management of Diabetes Advances in the Management of Diabetes (Program 77)
  • Diabetes and Pregnancy (Program 78)
  • Sexual AssaultManagement of Sexual Assault (Program 79)
  • Date AbuseIdentifying and Preventing Date Abuse (Program 80)
  • New MedicationsNew Medications Released in 2010/2011 (Program 81)
  • Counter Drugs UpdateOver the Counter Drugs Update 2012 (Program 82)
  • Managing PainManaging Pain (Program 83)
  • Aseptic HandwashingAseptic Handwashing
  • Biological Hood CleaningBiological Hood Cleaning
  • Clean Room GowningClean Room Gowning
  • Cytoxic AgentCompounding for a Cytoxic Agent
  • Cytoxic AgentGowning Up for a Cytoxic Agent
  • CleaningLaminar Airhood Cleaning
  • WithdrawalMultiple Ampule Withdrawal
  • Customer ServiceCustomer Service Skits 2003
  • Powered VialReconstitution of a Powered Vial
  • Ampule WithdrawalSingle Ampule Withdrawal
  • Straight DrawStraight Draw
Surgical Technology
  • AutoclaveAutoclave
  • Autoclave V1Autoclave V1
  • Catheterization FemaleCatheterization - Female
  • Catheterization Male"Catheterization - Male
  • Draping ExtremityDraping for an Extremity
  • LapaotomyLapaotomy Setup
  • Draping LithotomyDraping for Lithotomy
  • Gowning and GlovingGowning and Gloving Others
  • Gowning and Gloving SelfGowning and Gloving Self
  • Laparoscopy SetupLaparoscopy Setup
  • Open GlovingOpen Gloving by Non-Sterile
  • Sterile SuppliesOpening Sterile Supplies
  • AbdominalPrepping - Abdominal
  • VaginalPrepping - Vaginal
  • ScrubbingScrubbing


Case Studies on Patients' Vitals For Discussion
  • Vignette OneVignette One: Henry Martinez Age 55 Congestive heart failure
  • Vignette TwoVignette Two: Sheila Miller Age 42 Deep vein thrombosis
  • Vignette ThreeVignette Three: Arthur Williams Age 58 Acute diverticulitis
  • Vignette FourVignette Four: Dorothy Johnson, Age 57 Chronic lymphocytic leukemias
  • Vignette FiveVignette Five: Lucinda Pena Age 32 Systemic lupus erythematosus
  • Vignette SixVignette Six: Caroline Mason Age 43 Severe epigastric pain & nausea
  • Vignette SevenVignette Seven: David Liu Age 26 Splenectomy
  • Vignette EightVignette Eight: George Rattigan Age 55 Anterior chest discomfort
  • Vignette NineVignette Nine: John Goforth Age 46 Elevated blood sugar
  • Vignette TenVignette Ten: Antonio Lopez Age 19 Head injury
Interview Techniques
  • Interview TechniquesInterview Techniques for the Delusional Patient
Restricted: The videos listed below have a correct and an incorrect version used in assessment.

Restricted: The videos have a correct and an incorrect version used in assessment. If you wish to view these videos, please contact the IDS staff on your campus.

  • Abduction
  • Accommodation
  • Adduction
  • Angle for IM Injection
  • Angle for SubQ Injection
  • Aortic Value Assessment
  • Auscultation
  • Body Mechanics
  • Bowel Sounds
  • Breath Sounds Ausculation
  • Catheter Insertion
  • Central Line Cleaning
  • Chest Expansion
  • Cleaning for Catheter Insertion
  • Cleaning Incisions
  • Dressing Removal
  • Empty Foley
  • Feeding Pump
  • Giving Fluids
  • Gloving
  • Gown Change with IV
  • Gowning Out of Isolation
  • Grasp
  • IM
  • IM Injection Site
  • IM Site Cleaning
  • Incision Care
  • Insulin Injection
  • Insulin Mixing
  • IV Air Rising
  • IV Back Flush
  • IV Invert Port
  • IV Pen
  • IV Pump
  • IV Tagaderm
  • JP Empty Drain
  • Jugular Vein Distension
  • Lung Assessment
  • N/G Residual
  • N/G Tube Measurement
  • N/G Tube Placement
  • Opening Sterile Field
  • Openng Sterile Pack
  • Pleuravac
  • Pouring Liquid Medications
  • Pouring onto a Sterile Field
  • Pulling Up in Bed
  • Pulse Assessment
  • Range of Motion
  • Removing Inner Cannula
  • Replacement of Inner Cannula
  • Restraints
  • Skin Turgor
  • Splint
  • SQ
  • Stop IV Dripping
  • Suctioning
  • Taping Technique
  • Urine Sample
  • Urine Sample from Foley
  • Vocational Nursing Skills: Application of Restraints
  • Vocational Nursing Skills: Range of Motion and Positioning
  • Vocational Nursing Skills: Physical Assessment

Math & Science

Biology Review Modules
  • Biology review module 1Biology Review Module 1: The Metric System
  • Biology review module 2Biology Review Module 2: Macromolecules
  • Biology review module 3Biology Review Module 3: Cell Structure and Function
  • Biology review module 4Biology Review Module 4: Cellular Respiration
  • Biology review module 5Biology Review Module 5: Mitosis and Meiosis
  • Biology review module 6Biology Review Module 6: Levels of Organization and Homeostasis
  • Biology review module 7Biology Review Module 7: Human Systems
  • Making the connectionMaking the Connection

    Explore the varied areas of biotechnology for great career choices.

  • Safety at Science LabSafety video for Science Labs
Environmental & Science
  • Climate LeadershipClimate Leadership 2011
  • Math Review 4.1 - Exponent NotationMath Review 4.1 - Exponent Notation
  • Math Review 4.2 - Exponent NotationMath Review 4.2 - The Product Rule for Exponents
  • Math Review 4.3 - The Power Rule for ExponentsMath Review 4.3 - The Power Rule for Exponents
  • Math Review 4.4 - The Quotient Rule for ExponentsMath Review 4.4 - The Quotient Rule for Exponents
  • Math Review 6.1 - Defining IntegersMath Review 6.1 - Defining Integers
  • Math Review 6.2 - Integer AdditionMath Review 6. 2- Integer Addition
  • Math Review 6.3 - Integer SubtractionMath Review 6.3 - Integer Subtraction
  • Math Review 6.4 - Integer Multiplication and DivisionMath Review 6.4 - Integer Multiplication and Division
  • Math Review 6.5 - Order of Operations with IntegersMath Review 6.5 - Order of Operations with Integers
  • Math Review 8.1 - Solving Linear Equations - ExpressionsMath Review 8.1 - Solving Linear Equations - Expressions
  • Math Review 8.2 - Solving Linear EquationsMath Review 8.2 - Solving Linear Equations
  • Math Review 8.3 - Solving Linear Equations in One VariableMath Review 8.3 - Solving Linear Equations in One Variable
  • Math Review 8.4 - Solving Linear Equations in Two StepsMath Review 8.4 - Solving Linear Equations in Two Steps
  • Math Review 8.5 - Solving Multi-Step EquationsMath Review 8.5 - Solving Multi-Step Equations
  • Math ContextMath Context, 2000
Cellular & Molecular Biology
  • Agarose GelPreparation of the Agarose Gel
  • ChromatographyThin Layer Chromatography
  • MicropipettorUse of the Micropipettor
  • MicroscopeCompound Microscope
  • Gel PreparationSDS-Page Gel Preparation
  • pH MeterUse of the pH Meter
  • SpectrophotometerUse of the Spectrophotometer

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Education Instruction
  • Testimonials for Education Instruction DeptAbel Villareal

    Testimonials for Education Instruction Department

  • Testimonials for Education Instruction DeptCloe Kanaliochi Ojeah

    Testimonials for Education Instruction Department

  • Testimonials for Education Instruction DeptClemente Garcia

    Testimonials for Education Instruction Department

  • Testimonials for Education Instruction DeptLaura Duve

    Testimonials for Education Instruction Department

  • Testimonials for Education Instruction DeptMatthew Giles

    Testimonials for Education Instruction Department

  • Texas cemeteriesCemeteries

    Explore the history that exists in our Texas cemeteries.

  • Bend Big Bend TexasChange in the Bend - Big Bend Texas & Hallie Stillwell

    Pioneer woman and her family talk of the hardships of ranching in the Big Bend area.


Peace & Conflict
  • WeldemariamAlemayehu Weldemariam
  • AuboneAmber Aubone
  • HarringtonJim Harrington
  • MosserMichael Mosser
  • CallawayRhonda Callaway
  • SmithA conversation with David Smith
Interviews with Health Professionals
  • LCD CounselorLicensed Chemical Dependency Counselor
  • Professional CounselorLicensed Professional Counselor
  • Outreach WorkerStreet Outreach Worker
  • Pastoral CounselorCertified Pastoral Counselor
  • Child PsychiatristChild Psychiatrist
  • PsychologistLicensed Psychologist
  • Recreational SpecialistTherapeutic Recreational Specialist
  • Social WorkerSocial Worker
  • Admin Social WorkerAdministrative Social Worker
  • Therapy TechTherapeutic Technician
Counseling Theories & Demonstrations
  • AdlerianAdlerian Psychotherapy
  • BehavioralBehavioral Psychotherapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy
  • ExistentialExistential Psychotherapy
  • FamilyFamily Psychotherapy
  • FeministFeminist Psychotherapy
  • GestaltGestalt Psychotherapy
  • PsychologyPerson Centered Psychotherapy
  • PsychoanalyticPsychoanalytic Therapy
  • Reality/ChoiceReality/Choice Psychotherapy
Counseling Vignettes
  • Skit 1 AppropriateCounseling Skit 1 (Appropriate)
  • Skit 2 AppropriateCounseling Skit 2 (Appropriate)
  • Skit 1 InappropriateCounseling Skit 1 (Inappropriate)
  • Skit 2 InappropriateCounseling Skit 2 (Inappropriate)
  • Skit 3 InappropriateCounseling Skit 3 (Inappropriate)

College-wide Events, Guest Speakers, Etc

About Austin Community College
  • ACC History Project with Roland HayesACC History Project with Roland Hayes
  • ACC History Project with Prof. Tina BuckACC History Project with Prof. Tina Buck
  • 2016GeneralAssembly2016 General Assembly
  • 40th AnniversaryACC's 40th Anniversary, 2013
  • 25 AnniversaryACC’s 25th Anniversary, 1997
College-wide Events
  • Peace Paper PACSPeace Paper PACS Event
  • GA 2013ACC General Assembly 2013
  • ACC Birthday CelebrationACC's Highland Birthday Celebration
  • Elgin DedicationElgin Campus Dedication, Speeches only
  • Grad Welcome 2013Graduation Rally
  • Riverbat RallyRiverbat Rally
College Connections
  • RecruitmentCollege Connection Recruitment
Distance Learning Faculty Showcase
  • Dl Faculty Showcase Prof. Melinda BakerProf. Melinda Baker: Giving Students Feedback, Adobe Connect Recordings
  • Dl Faculty Showcase Prof. Heather BonikowskiProf. Heather Bonikowski: Open Education Resources to Diversify Course Design
  • Dl Faculty Showcase Prof. Marla DeanProf. Marla Dean, Ph.D.: Creating the Interactive Online Classroom
  • Dl Faculty Showcase Prof. Paula KingProf. Paula King, Art: Using Skype to Hold "Floating" Virtual Office Hours
  • Dl Faculty Showcase Prof. Kristopher MarcusProf. Kristopher Marcus: Classroom Virtual Presence
  • Dl Faculty Showcase Prof. Tracie NoblesProf. Tracie Nobles: Using Discussion Boards Effectively in DL and Traditional Courses
  • DL Showcase Prof. Carleen SanchezProf. Carleen Sanchez, Ph.D.: Using Blackboard Wikis
Guest Speakers
  • Dr. Susan BickerstaffIRW - Interview with Dr. Susan Bickerstaff
  • Dr. Jeanine Latoya WilliamsIRW - Interview with Dr. Jeanine Latoya Williams
  • Dr. D. Patrick SaxonIRW - Interview with Dr. D. Patrick Saxon
  • Dr. David C. CaverlyIRW - Interview with Dr. David C. Caverly
  • Geneva GayCultural Diversity, Interview with Dr. Geneva Gay
  • Van ReidheadtCultural Diversity, Interview with Dr. Van Reidhead
  • Interview with... Cultural Diversity, Interview with Gina Tillis
  • Interview with BrianStone Cultural Diversity, Interview with Dr. Brian J. Stone
  • learning depot video Fall 2014 Graduation Speech by Victor Hwang with Introduction by Dr. Richard Rhodes
  • Nancy PelosiSpeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
  • Temple GrandinTemple Grandin
Public Information & College Marketing
  • Circulator NurseCareer Training Circulator Nurse
  • Electronics and Advanced TechnologiesCareer Training Electronics and Advanced Technology
  • Education InstructionCareer Training Education Instruction
  • Dental HygieneCareer Training Dental Hygiene
  • Criminal JusticeCareer Training Criminal Justice
  • Veterinary TechnologyCareer Training Veterinary Technology
  • CIS Security ProfCareer Training Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  • SurgeTechCareer Training Surgical Technologist
  • CulinaryArtsPastryCareer Training Culinary Arts, specializing in Pastry
  • ACCeleratorAccelerator: Math Development at the Highland Campus
  • BellwetherBellwether 2014
  • Great Questions OverviewGreat Questions Overview
  • Great Questions Mathematical BeingsGreat Questions Mathematical Beings
  • Great Questions OdysseyGreat Questions Odyssey
  • Great Questions Passion and ReasonGreat Questions Passion and Reason
  • Great Questions Soul and WholeGreat Questions Soul and Whole


Student Accessibility Services
  • ADA StudentsADA Students
  • ADA Vignette 1ADA Vignette 1, 2003
  • ADA Vignette 2ADA Vignette 2, 2003
  • ADA Vignette 3ADA Vignette 3, 2003
Student Success
  • ACC MentoringMentors and Mentees talk about their experiences at ACC
  • ACC MentoringMentors and Mentees talk about their experiences at ACC
  • ACC MentoringMentors and Mentees talk about their experiences at ACC
  • ACC MentoringMentors and Mentees talk about their experiences at ACC
  • Faculty CoachFaculty Coach 2013
  • Black Student Success CommitteeBlack Student Success Committee Access Granted Reception

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