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Students were unable to develop techniques after initial presentations in class resulting in wasted time and product during guided practice in the kitchen.

Project Overview: 

Commercially produced videos are very expensive and often of very poor quality. The students needed additional presentations they could review beyond those made in the classroom. Austin Cooks was developed to meet this need. A series of 20 videos were developed to present techniques and skills that culinary art students need to perfect. Each video or show focused on objectives and learning needs. Austin Cooks shows regularly on Ch. 19, starting each new season (now season 4) in September, running through November with lots of reruns. In addition, Austin Cooks is available from it's own website.


The videos are required viewing in the Culinary Arts program. Before the videos were available, students required much more practice in techniques, resulting in loss of product as well as class time. After the Austin Cooks videos were introduced, productivity has increased by 80% resulting in less loss of product and class time is more efficiently used for learning new techniques. High schools are now using the videos and have asked for DVDs of the programs to use in the classrooms. There is a potential for distributing the DVDs statewide at the high school level.

Austin Cooks ChefsAustin Cooks Food Preparation


Project Overview: 

Imagine standing in front of an auditorium full of high-school seniors, armed with your own energy, commitment… and a 21-page PowerPoint presentation. The Student Recruitment Office pared their message down to the basics, resulting in a short video and even shorter slide presentation that is tailored to the attention span and interests of their audience.

College Connection VideoCollege Connection Animation
For the short video, IDS Video Services filmed an actor in front of a green-screen, then animated various backgrounds and additional characters. The video was so well received it was adapted for use in other community colleges throughout the state.


Project Overview: 

This comedic video, filmed by IDS Video Services, explores the various career options in high-tech fields such as robotics. The video is part of a series providing general information about areas of study at ACC.

Advanced Technology Video StillAdvanced Technology Video Still


Project Overview: 

This video illustrates real-life applications of refrigeration technology principles and practices. Students are taken behind-the-scenes at a local grocery store and shown what it takes to properly run such a demanding refrigeration system.

Refrigeration Technology VideoRefrigeration Technology Video