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Nurses, absent from a clinical setting for more than 4 years, are required by the State Nursing Board to complete a nursing refresher course before returning to work.

Project Overview: 
Distance Learning Re-Entry Nursing Program Website

Funded through a Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) State Leadership Perkins Grant, this project developed a distance learning nursing refresher course delivered through community colleges statewide. All didactic instruction is delivered online, and nurses complete a clinical placement in a local hospital. The goal was to increase the access to nursing refresher courses for Texas nurses who are in short supply. The project produced a 128 hour interactive instructor-mediated online course, paired with a 2 day nursing lab, and requires an 80 hour clinical placement in a local hospital. With ACC delivering the online course for the other colleges, the only portion of the program that the other colleges must provide for the student is the clinical placement.


The Distance Learning Re-Entry Nursing Update has been recognized as a standard in nursing refresher courses. It has been purchased from ACC by the Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society in Nursing, and by two other colleges outside of Texas. The Texas Board of Nursing consistently refers nurses in need of a nursing refresher course to our program.

Currently, ACC offers 5 sections of the course and enrolls approximately 250 nurses annually from around the state, with approximately two-thirds (160+) of the nurses coming from the ACC service area. Students perform better on the required medication exam through the online format, and nearly all students complete the entire program due to the increased flexibility and access that the hybrid delivery model provides. At the close of 2010, close to 1,000 nurses will have been served by this course since it was launched in 2004.


Accounting Toolbox Website

High student withdrawal rates in upper level accounting courses due to insufficient math, reading, Excel, and/or study skills.

Project Overview: 

This project, funded by an Innovation Grant, represents a grassroots effort. Students benefit from having material developed and created by ACC instructors. Many products from publishers are too long and simply ‘read from the book'. Several five to seven minute podcast modules were developed using PowerPoint, Camtasia, and Dreamweaver. These “mini lectures” provide students a review of basic skills required in upper level accounting classes. Two iPods, purchased through the grant, helped the team experience downloading the files and the appearance of the modules through the students' eyes to ensure the best delivery of the modules. A short survey, using a free website (Survey Monkey), solicited specific feedback, and the website included a hit counter to allow for tracking how many times each module was accessed.

Accounting Toolbox Video

The modules give the students tools to review basic skills and concepts before enrolling in the upper level courses, to continue to improve their skills, or help with any identified weaknesses after an exam. Tutors, advisors, and counselors can also refer students to the project website. The project was presented at the American Accounting Association 2009 national conference where over 3500 accounting faculty attended. The project was selected for the Bea Sanders/AICPA (American Institute of Certified Professional Accountants) Innovation in Teaching Award. Colleagues from around the world have expressed interest in this project.

Student Comments: 

“These modules gave the step by step instructions that I craved. Thanks!”

“I can carry my MP3 along anywhere and review the module whether it's during my lunch hour or my son's baseball practice. I also downloaded the modules in PDF or Word formats for a hard copy of the content making it easy to write notes or highlight content as needed. Both methods have helped me retain and understand the information they provide.”



Low Pass Rates for Human Anatomy and Human Physiology courses due to the fact that many students are under-prepared for college-level courses, preventing students from attaining success.

Project Overview: 
Self-Preparation for Biology Assessment Website

A prerequisite was needed for these courses. All students were required to take the preassessment and score passing (>70) or provisional (50-69) before enrolling in these courses. 30% of the students failed and could not enroll in the classes. An online self study providing a good refresher of general biology and chemistry concepts was developed to provide students a resource to prepare for the preassessment. Objectives were divided into modules. PowerPoint presentations were developed for each module using Camtasia to record audio and video within the presentation. Lecture notes were provided and concept checks or online supplemental resources were made available. The biology department website hosted the self study allowing free and available access to all, with very little maintenance required.


In 2005, 1186 students took the pre-test before the self-study: 27% passed; 43% scored provisionally; and 30% failed. After the self study was developed, 732 students took the preassessment. Of those students: 38% achieved a passing score; 46% scored provisionally; and only 16% failed. The self-study reduced the failure rate by 46%, allowing more students to take Anatomy.


Project Overview: 

Every year, Instructional Development Services sponsors events and showcases for Professional Development credit.

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These events include the Teaching and Technology Trends Symposium - where professors get hands-on training in the latest technological advances for education; the Summer Institute - a week-long workshop where professors explore new and innovative teaching teaching techniques, and Faculty Showcase, where the work of extraordinary teachers is presented and discussed.

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