IDS: Multimedia Design Projects

Project Overview: 

Imagine a well that tracks the health and activity of the Edwards Aquifer, via special monitoring equipment deep underground. Picture a real-time data stream of essential information about the aquifer's water quality and quantity. Now imagine that this well is located right here at an ACC campus – think of the instructional possibilities! Those possibilities are now a reality, thanks to this innovative website that makes real-time data from the well available on the Web for the first time.

Edwards Aquifer Monitoring Well ScreenshotEdwards Aquifer Graphic
In addition to the data provided by the well, the website also examines the construction and components of the well, and provides an in-depth look at the Edwards Aquifer, complete with original drawings and graphics.


Project Overview: 

As part of the Re-entry Nursing Program, this interactive website allows nursing students to practice basic Spanish medical vocabulary which will aid them in communicating with Spanish-speaking clients.

Nursing Spanish Vocabulary WebsiteNursing Spanish Vocabulary Interactive Exercise
The website allows students to click on common words and phrases and hear them spoken aloud in Spanish. The module concludes with the students being led through the entire process of conducting an intake interview with a Spanish-speaking client.


The Info Game

Research skills and research paper writing are core objectives of  Eng 1301, Composition I.  Information literacy is a broad and constantly changing component of research skills. Comp I teachers have always struggled to allot adequate time in their classroom instruction for teaching current information literacy and research paper writing skills.

The Project: 

Develop an online tutorial to address the research skills students need to write quality research papers for Composition I classes.  English instructors, and other instructors that wanted to address these skills, could refer their students to this online resource. The game format was chosen to make this online learning more motivational and fun. The game is also easy to update to keep the instruction current.


The Info Game, an online information literacy tutorial that has been used since 2000. Almost 10,000 students a year go through this tutorial in English 1301, Composition I, and Business 1301, Business Principles.

Info Game Redesign

The tutorials help students understand the importance of effectively using reliable research sources rather than relying on simplistic web searches. All English Comp I students are required to complete the info game which has resulted in roughly 100,000 students acquiring information literacy skills using this tutorial.

The Info Game was highlighted as an Instructional Best Practice at the Association of College and Research Libraries Best Practices Conference in Atlanta, GA, in June 2002. Many colleges link to the game on the ACC Library site, and about half a dozen colleges have, with permission, repurposed the game for their own institutions.

Over time, instructors identified needed revisions and expansions. A 2008 follow-up grant allowed the content to be updated and redesigned to focus on Comp I and for the creation of a spin-off called the Biz Game for Business Principles.


Project Overview: 

Critical Thinking in Nursing provides various scenarios and assessment data, then asks the student what they should do in the given situation. Videos, animations, and interactive activities are also provided.

Critical Thinking in NursingCritical Thinking in Nursing Interactive Exercise