Instructional Materials

Facilitate student success

Instructional Development can help you design and develop instructional activities and course materials that promote student engagement and achievement.

In order to be effective, learning materials must be aligned with student learning outcomes and appropriate for the mode of course delivery, whether it be classroom, hybrid, or fully online. Instructional Design Specialists collaborate with faculty to develop a wide variety instructional activities and materials – including interactive online modules, video, faculty websites, assignments, projects, print materials, and even syllabi – that meet these criteria.

How can instructional materials enhance the learning environment for students?

nursing students

These past projects illustrate the ways in which Instructional Development can work with departments or individual faculty to develop engaging materials and activities to support student learning.

  • Surgical Technology Skills: Instructional Development created an interface where students could work on visually recognizing contaminations that may occur in the operating room, as well as to remediate and prepare for skills check-off exams.
  • Austin Cooks: A series of 20 videos were developed to present techniques and skills that culinary art students need to perfect.
  • Learning Depot: Browse the Learning Depot to see more instructional media projects produced by Instructional Development in collaboration with ACC faculty and staff.

More information?

Start here by initiating a project or contact the Instructional Designer at your campus.