Instructional Innovation Grants

Budget Guidelines

ACC's Innovation Grant awards offer financial support for the development of projects that improve courses or programs and enhance the learning environment. Innovation Grants are not appropriate for items which fall under the regular expectations of instructors for modifying their own course or materials, hiring additional staff, or to fund instructional travel for items which fall under the regular expectations of departments, such as new course development. Funding will be directly related to development and cannot include any implementation components.

Funds are not transferred to departmental budgets but dispersed through the Instructional Development Servcies (IDS) as materials are ordered and work is completed. All Funding Requests must be submitted by July 31 at the end of the academic year.


Personnel funds cover stipend and hourly rate payment for anyone who is currently working at ACC and is providing work for activities that fall outside of their normal work duties as defined by job descriptions and the college's administrative rules and is providing services to the grant outside of their regular work hours. Work to be performed during a normal workday will not be compensated. Release time or reduced workloads cannot be funded.

Faculty members and Professional-Technical employees that currently work for ACC will be paid through a stipend process. This requires that you complete and submit an online Innovation Grant Funding Request. Once the information is received by our grant budget coordinator a Personnel Authorization (PA) is generated for payment.

These forms should be submitted as the work is completed on a monthly or semesterly basis. Note that forms must be received by certain dates for payment to be processed in a timely manner. You can view the payroll due dates on the attached "Timeline" to determine when payments will be made.

All Classified and Hourly employees must be paid through the ACC eTime system. The grant recipient will need to contact the grant budget coordinator for further details.

All requests for payment will be made using our online Innovation Grant Funding Request form. This form should be submitted as the work is completed on a monthly or semesterly basis. Note that forms must be received by the college's designated payroll dates for payment to be processed in a timely manner.


If a team member is not employed with ACC (vendor, contractor, talent, etc), the individual or company will need to submit an invoice for services to our grant budget coordinator when services are performed and no later than July 31, of the year in which the project is submitted. Once the online Innovation Grant Funding Request form and corresponding invoice are received, a "Request for Services Agreement" and a Purchase Order (PO) is generated for payment.

Consult the IDS staff member to discuss needs and cost information for services provided by non-ACC employees and contractors. Please see Administrative Rule for Contractors: Consultant Services, Professional Services & Honoraria


Equipment and software specifications should be considered during your planning phase. This will make it easier for you to complete the specifications in your grant application and to process the orders if your grant is approved. Your IDS contact will help you gather the appropriate information, pricing, and quotes for these items.

You may request the approved grant budget items that fall into the supply and equipment categories as soon as your grant is awarded but no later than one month before the end of the fiscal year on July 31. The sooner you submit these requests the easier it will be to process and get your materials. Please note that all materials will be ordered by IDS and shipped to our main office at HBC for processing before they are sent to grant recipients unless other arrangements have previously been made for delivery.


Grants requesting travel funds must include a completed ACC Travel Requisition form with employee and supervisor signatures. Once the grant is awarded, IDS will secure any additional signatures necessary for approval including approvals for international travel which must be signed by the college president.

To process travel funds, recipients must also submit an Innovation Grant Funding Request form that includes all transportation details, hotel names and locations, conference registration details, etc. The grant budget coordinator will handle travel details for grant recipients through the approved ACC travel agent.

After travel has been completed, grant recipients must complete an ACC Travel Reimbursement form to receive final grant compensation for travel.


Applications should list any additional funds that will not be provided by the grant but are required to carry out the project.