Instructional Innovation Grants

Obtain funding to research innovative instructional strategies and tools

ACC provides funds to individual faculty, groups of faculty, and professional-technical staff for projects that focus on enhancing the learning environment. There are two criteria all proposals must meet in order to be considered for an Innovation Grant:

  1. The project must focus on enhancing the learning environment for students.
  2. The project must propose to do something new or in a new way.
Is your project eligible for an Innovation Grant?

The table below illustrates the two types of Innovation Grant awards.

Name Unique Project Instructional Development Project
Type These awards will provide funding for course design, development, and delivery of materials or services to support the learning environment. These projects will focus on the development of teaching and related strategies that incorporate technology, employ current research elements, and nurture intellectual discourse for the improvement of learning environments.
Eligibility Designed for faculty or professional-technical staff working on a single course, component of a course, or special project. Designed for departments, divisions, or entire instructional program support.
Letter of Support Supervisor Supervisor and Dean
Approval of Award Director of Instructional Development Services Innovation Grant Review Committee
Amount of Award $2500 or less Greater than $2,500 up to $15,000. Project awards will be based on the scope of the project and number of students served.
Examples 1. Develop streaming video segments for demonstration of food preparation procedures to be used in "Sanitation and Safety" (IFWA-1213).
2. Research and develop a list of short story audio files for Composition II classes.
3. Improve student achievement by developing computer-based lab tutorials for SRGT 1441, Surgical Procedures I.
1.Pilot a prototype computer facility to provide an enhanced foreign language learning environment and improve mastery.
2.Adapt courses in the social and behavioral sciences division to incorporate the case study instructional approach.
3.Research current trends in internationalizing the curriculum and modify courses in the business division to incorporate the research findings.
Who can apply?

Full-time faculty, adjunct faculty, and professional-technical staff in support of instructional programs and student services of the college. Other college personnel can participate on grant development teams but are not eligible to submit applications.

What are the grant requirements?

Innovation Grants require the submission of three reports and completed samples of any materials funded by the awards. Reports should be submitted using the specified online forms.

What is the deadline for submission?

Grant submissions will be reviewed by the Director of Instructional Development on an ongoing basis. Within 10 working days after application is received, applicants will receive an Innovation Grants Award Notice stating whether the project was approved or not approved, listing the reviewers' comments, and noting any recommendations.

What projects have been awarded in the past?
For more information see the Grant Awards to Date table.

Grant Stats

Innovation Grants
Grants Funds Awarded $320,907
Range of Awards $1,632-$24,000
Number of Departments 41
Total Number of Awards 62

Grants Award to Date can be found here:

2011-2017 Awards