TLED Instructional Development Staff

Who We Are

Susan Thomason

Susan Thomason, PhD

TLED Associate Vice President

Highland Business Center 604.6

Phone: (512) 223-7796

Teresa S. Moore

Teresa S. Moore, MEd

Manager, Instructional Development

Highland Business Center 604.7

Phone: (512) 223-7750

Neelam Noorani

Neelam Noorani

Administrative Assistant III

Highland Business Center 604.1

Phone: (512) 223-7786


Instructional Designers

Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Gray, MEd

Manager, Instructional Design

Area of Study: Arts, Digital Media & Communications

Northridge Campus 1226

Phone: (512) 223-4745

Marian Moore

Marian Moore, PhD

Instructional Designer

Area of Study: Science, Engineering and Math

Cypress 2121.1

Phone: (512) 223-2117

Michelle Escudier

Michelle Escudier, MS

Instructional Designer

Area of Study: Design, Mfg, Construction & Applied Technologies

South Austin Campus 1214.1

Phone: (512) 223-9187

Rachel Barrera

Rachel Barrera, PhD

Instructional Designer

Area of Study: Education

Riverside Campus

Phone: (512) 223-6308

Travis Irby

Travis Irby, PhD

Instructional Designer

Area of Study: Computer Sciences & Information Technology

Hays Campus 1312.02

Phone: (512) 223-1600

Shih-Ting Lee

Shih-Ting Lee, PhD

Instructional Designer

Area of Study: Health Sciences

Round Rock Campus 1307.03

Phone: (512) 223-0113

Peg Raiford

Peg Raiford, M.A.

Instructional Designer

Area of Study: Business

Eastview Campus

Phone: (512) 223-5228

Virgil McCullough

Virgil McCullough M.S.T.C.

Instructional Designer

Area of Study: Culinary Arts, Hospitality & Tourism

Eastview Campus 2203.3

Phone: (512) 223-5233

Kathleen Serra

Kathleen Serra, MA

Instructional Designer

Area of Study: Liberal Arts

Highland Campus 1323.01

Phone: (512) 223-7376


Instructional Technology Staff

Web, Multimedia & Video Production

Nancy Fritz Holden

Nancy Fritz Holden

Manager, Multimedia Production

Pinnacle Campus 208

Phone: (512) 223-8037


Nancy has over thirty years of experience in video and media, and has been a TV producer with ACC for 20 years. She has produced over 40 teaching programs for national broadcast on Australian television. Her clients have included the New South Wales Board of Education, NSW Health Department, Human Rights Commission of NSW, with additional showings of programs on PBS Adult Learning Service and KLRU PBS.

Nancy has been a media educator as well as a published still photographer and writer. She has earned a B.A. in Communication Studies from Murdoch University in Australia and a Post-graduate Diploma in Educational Technology from Riverina College of Advanced Education, Australia.

John W. Breed III

John W. Breed III

Video Producer

Pinnacle Campus 210

Phone: (512) 223-8017


John started his career in 1975 in the production department at KLRN-TV (now KLRU-TV) working on programs such as “Carrascolendas”. He helped with set construction and camera crane operation for the first season of “Austin City Limits”. He went on to work at Channel 7, KTBC-TV in 1976. He held various jobs such as projectionist (loading commercial spots or movies on 16mm film projectors), audio operator, video switcher and moved onto working the production floor as camera operator, lighting, set construction, floor manager and eventually director on the evening newscasts and special events such as telethons.

John came to ACC in 1994 to work at the Pinnacle studio and is currently producing and directing satellite teleconferences and covering college video events with the Instructional Services Department. He is also active in event still photography such as weddings and graduations and occasionally works freelance production for Earl Miller Productions.

Melissa Griffith

Melissa Griffith

Video Producer

Pinnacle Campus 212

Phone: (512) 223-8035


Melissa Griffith is a Video Productions Specialist with the IDS Department of Austin Community College. Prior to arriving at ACC in 2001, Melissa was employed as a News and Sports Television Photojournalist, both locally and at network level.

Today, Melissa works with the ACC IDS video team, developing media for instructional support. Her responsibilities include design, development, shooting and editing video, webstreaming, and graphic production.

Away from ACC, Melissa enjoys spending time gardening and a playing a competitive game of soccer. Her favorite food is Catfish Tacos.


Victor Sibaja-Molina

Video Producer

Pinnacle Campus 213

Phone: (512) 223-8033


Victor studied at the University of Texas at Austin, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Radio, Television, and Film studies. Professionally, Victor has built up a career with a focus on video production. He appreciates documentary filmmaking and sees it as the genre that best describes his video producing style. He especially enjoys partaking in creative brainstorming sessions, as well as editing together powerful narratives in post-production.

Victor began his professional career at KAKW - Univision Austin, where he served as Technical Director for local programming and news. He also worked at CORE Media Enterprises, where he collaborated with firms, nonprofits, and corporations to produce powerful and meaningful socially driven media. He began his career at ACC in 2013 as a Media Technology Specialist for Media Services, and discovered that higher education is where he wants to develop professionally. Currently, Victor is working on his Master of Education in Management of Technical Education, as he seeks to further his understanding of higher education systems.

Outside of ACC, Victor enjoys volunteering and producing short documentaries for socially driven organizations, spending quality time in the kitchen with his wife and kids, and keeping up with his plants at home.

Richard Brown

Richard "Rich" Brown

Motion Graphics Designer

Pinnacle Campus 214

Phone: (512) 223-8004


Rich studied Film at the University of Texas at Austin, where he earned a Bachelor of Science specializing in animation and visual effects. He enjoys directing and editing both live action and animation, as well as graphic design and traditional art. He has been studying 3D animation heavily since 2004, with a major focus on character animation and photorealism.

His work history ranges from producing educational content at the UT Nursing School's Multimedia Studio, to working directly under the Vice President of Digital Content Development for PBS in their New Media department. His most recent job was as an animator/graphic designer for UTOPIA, where we worked on a broad range of web-based learning modules.

"I hope to utilize my film background to enhance the productions at ACC by using the same software and techniques used by Hollywood feature films. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and learning from the experienced professionals here at ACC."

Robert Ferguson

Robert Ferguson, MA

Manager, Instructional Web Development

Pinnacle Campus 211

Phone: (512) 223-8083


Originally from Southern California, Robert received his Bachelors degree in Film Production from Chapman University in 2002. After graduation, he moved to Savannah, Georgia for post graduate work. Attending the Savannah College of Art and Design, Robert completed his Masters in Interactive Design and Game Development in 2006.

Robert has had a wide variety of jobs including designer, animator, programmer, audio editor, videographer, teacher and sign maker. Before working as a multimedia developer, Robert worked as a web development specialist and adjunct instructor at ACC.

Shea Scott

Shea Scott

Web Administrator

Pinnacle Campus 208

Phone: (512) 223-8227


A graduate from ACC's Department of Visual Communication with a Graphic Design specialization, Shea was introduced to web development while taking additional classes in the department's Interactive area. He enjoys the problem solving of programming, but is also thankful that, as a Multimedia Developer, he can still use his design training. Having worked at a startup, a publicly traded company, and in education, he feels most fulfilled by giving students access to tools that help them accomplish their academic goals.

"As a former student, I feel really connected to the mission of ACC. ACC allowed me to get an affordable education on the GI Bill after leaving the Air Force and gave me the real world skills to enter the workforce after graduating. It feels rewarding to be able to work for an organization that I know from first hand experience, provides opportunities for people to get the education and training they need to better themselves, their families, and their community."

Amanda Trimble

Amanda Trimble

Front End/Web Graphics Designer

Pinnacle Campus 215.2

Phone: (512) 223-8277


Amanda attended the Art Institute of Boston, earning a BFA in Graphic Design. Upon graduation she freelanced for ad agencies, design firms and educational media publishers gaining vast experience in web and print design. Being self employed for several years exposed her to not only to a wide variety of design projects, but also to project and client management. Amanda excels working alone or in a team environment and has the proven ability to provide artistic and technical direction. Her positive attitude and passion for design provides motivation and inspiration in those she comes in contact with. She is excited about being part of the Instructional Development team at ACC.

When not working, you're liable to find Amanda at Zilker park with her husband and two little boys or dancing at the Continental Club.

Maria Youngman

Maria Youngman

Systems Administrator

Pinnacle Campus

Phone: (512) 223-8034


Maria began working at ACC in 2008 as a Systems Administrator for Streaming and Web services. Maria’s background includes a BS in Architecture, an AA in Computer Science, and various software and technology certifications. Prior to coming to ACC, Maria worked as Applied Analyst, Deployment Specialist, and Courseware Developer.

Maria is in charge of the redesign and standardization of the IRT Web sites. She is also a streaming media specialist and provides server side support to the IRT Web and Streaming Media servers.