One-on-One Training

Individualized training to help faculty achieve personal teaching goals

Instructional Development supports faculty in the development of curriculum, including outcomes and objectives, assessments of student learning, instructional activities and materials, as well as in the use of a wide variety of instructional technologies, including Blackboard, web conferencing, instructional websites, online lesson building, screen capture, podcasting, and more.

Interested faculty can schedule one-on-one sessions with Instructional Design Specialists to receive hands-on, focused training on any of these topics. Individualized training will prepare faculty to apply new knowledge and skills to their courses in accordance with educational best practices.

In 99% of one-on-one consultations, clients report that instructional designers meet or exceed their expectations in terms of knowledge, professionalism, and quality of the consultation provided.

More information?

Contact the Instructional Designer Contact the Instructional Designer at your campus for more information or to schedule training.