Department-Specific Training

Discover new strategies and technologies to enhance student learning

Because different fields of study lend themselves to different strategies for teaching and learning, Instructional Development offers departmental workshops that are tailored to the specific needs and interests of a department. Review these examples of department-specific workshops conducted in the past to get an idea of what Instructional Development can do for your department.

Google Sites for Nursing Modules (Fall 2012-Spring 2013)

Nursing courses employ a common template to ensure the consistency of course content and the student experience in those courses. These Nursing Modules, or NursMods for short, had previously been built using Contribute, but the constant need for new-user or refresher training and the limitations of software and licensing led the department to seek out an alternative solution. Google Sites was selected as a college-supported, web-based, and user-friendly technology that allowed them to create course templates to share with faculty, who could then customize their own sites as needed. The workshops and accompanying handouts developed for Nursing faculty were tailored to the following specific needs of the department:

  • Create a new Google site from an existing NursMods template
  • Upload files such as course syllabus and PowerPoint presentations to Google Sites
  • Create hyperlinks to uploaded files on module pages
  • Edit module page content
  • Create hyperlinks to Google Sites within Blackboard

The majority of nursing courses are now using the Google sites template for their modules. The initial round of training workshops and customized handouts have proven sufficient to sustain the use of Google sites across semesters and to expand its use to additional courses.

Blackboard Workshops for Academic and Workforce Departments

Departmental Blackboard workshops may be structured as a showcase for faculty using Blackboard in effective and/or engaging ways, a facilitated discussion about how a department’s faculty might make better use of the system, or a hands-on training focusing on specified Blackboard features most commonly used by a department’s faculty. Departmental Blackboard workshops have been offered for Adult Basic Education, Austin Fire Department, and Government.

QEP Faculty Training (Spring 2014)

ACC's QEP, Math PLUS, integrates proven learning strategies with innovative enrichment activities to help students succeed in developmental mathematics. Faculty teaching Math PLUS are required to receive training in the instructional techniques and application of teaching materials to be used in this course, and Instructional Development assisted the Math Department in developing their training resources and preparing them for delivery to faculty trainees.

Math Department Colloquium - Enhancing Your Course (Fall 2013)

When Math faculty expressed interest in providing a richer and more engaging online experience for their students, the department reached out to Instructional Development for inspiration and guidance. The presentation developed from this request showcased the use of videos, wikis, and external links within Blackboard, as well as a variety of ways to apply Google Apps for Education (Drive/Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets, and Forms) to teaching and learning.

Training for Administrative Offices and Departments

Instructional Development has partnered with administrative offices and departments as well to design training opportunities for ACC staff. If a department has identified a need for employee development in a specific area, Instructional Development can create customized instructor led or online trainings that are tailored to that need. For example, when Business Services expressed the need for training to help faculty/staff to successfully submit a purchasing request, Instructional Development produced a narrated screen-capture to walk them through the ACC purchasing process step-by-step.