Distance Learning Course Design

Develop effective & engaging distance learning courses

Instructional Development staff are well-versed in distance education best practices, innovations in instructional technologies, and the production of video and multimedia (such as graphics and animations) that can bring course content to life. They draw on this knowledge to assist faculty in the design and development of online and hybrid distance learning courses.

Instructional Development staff can help faculty:

  • Adapt traditional classroom course materials and learning activities for hybrid or online delivery
  • Leverage Blackboard course tools to create online learning environments that facilitate student interaction, engagement, and guided practice
  • Apply instructional technologies in accordance with research and best practices to support student success
  • Apply instructional design theory to distance education courses
  • Develop engaging audio, video, and multimedia content to enhance the online learning environment

A distance learning solution for nurses seeking re-entry into the field

nursing students

Nurses, absent from a clinical setting for more than 4 years, are required by the State Nursing Board to complete a nursing refresher course before returning to work. Instructional Development helped create the Distance Learning Re-Entry Nursing Update, which has been recognized as a standard in nursing refresher courses.

It was purchased from ACC by the Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society in Nursing, and by two other colleges outside of Texas. The Texas Board of Nursing consistently refers nurses in need of a nursing refresher course to this program.

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