Student Learning Outcomes

Learn the art of writing clear and measurable outcome statements

Instructional design specialists can assist you with writing student learning outcomes and objectives for your programs and courses that meet SACS guidelines.

  • Outcomes are observable and measurable behaviors that have a definite beginning and end; can be performed within a limited amount of time; consist of two or more objectives; and lead to a product, service, or decision.
  • Objectives are the specific measurable, observable competencies (behaviors, skills, knowledge) that students will demonstrate after the instruction. They serve as benchmarks that lead up to proficiency in a competency or outcome.

Strong outcome statements are easily linked to assessments that can measure student learning effectively. An Instructional Designer can help with the development of practice that provides immediate feedback to the student as they apply new concepts, and assist with the development of rubrics with specific criteria to guide the learner as well as ensure consistency for instructors teaching the same course.

Instructional Development can facilitate departmental workshops or one-on-one sessions on writing student learning outcomes and objectives that meet SACS guidelines.

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