Curriculum Development

Align curriculum with student learning outcomes

Curriculum Development is the process of identifying outcomes or competencies that are relative to an area of study and aligning classroom activities (practice and assessment) to ensure students are competent in the subject area upon completion of the coursework.

How can Instructional Development help your department?

  • Facilitate and develop a competency analysis profile (ACAP) aligned with industry needs
  • Align student learning outcomes (SLO/PSLO) with appropriate courses throughout the program(s)
  • Assist with the development of rubrics for grading to assess the outcomes

Impact/results of our work with the Visual Communications Department:

graphic design student

Instructional Development worked extensively with the Visual Communications Department to update the student learning outcomes for this rapidly changing field of study, and to fully align program curriculum to those outcomes. As a result of this work:

  • Programs in the department have measurable and observable student learning outcomes (SLO/PSLO) that can be used for Program Review or their DAC (Discipline Assessment Cycle).
  • Courses use rubrics that strictly adhere to student learning outcomes for more consistent grading and assessment.
  • Program outcomes have been updated and are aligned with the needs of industry for employability.
  • ACAP reports can be used to support Instructional Program Review, Discipline Assessment Cycles and in departmental and master planning efforts.

More information?

Start here by initiating a project or contact the Instructional Designer at your campus.