Competency Based Instruction

Teaching and learning based on real world scenarios

Competency based instruction is learner focused development and delivery of curriculum.

The basis for curriculum development is identified, verified competencies required to effectively complete a project in a real life situation as it relates to the program. Many terms are used to express competency based instruction (hands-on, active learning, etc.), but the essence of this type of instruction is rooted in the idea that the student actually performs a competency in practice and assessments.

Competency based curriculum allows the student to know in advance what will determine his/her competency in a course. The competency based approach will assess the students' performance with real world skills. Competencies are well defined, measurable, observable and relative to situations students are likely to encounter in the occupation or field of study.

More information?

Instructional Development offers a self-paced online workshop on developing competency based curriculum and instruction. You can view the workshop description and register through the Workshop & Event Registration Database. Workshops can also be customized and presented to individual departments or programs.

Start here by initiating a project or contact the Instructional Designer at your campus.