Competency Analysis Profile (ACAP)

Austin Community College District is committed to meeting the needs of business and industry by preparing students to be competent and employable upon completion of an ACC Associate Degree or Certificate program.

ACC uses a process called the Austin Competency Analysis Profile (ACAP) to systematically determine the skills and competencies required for entry into a field of study. These competencies form the basis for curriculum in several programs.

The Austin Competency Analysis Profile (ACAP) is a process for conducting an analysis for a targeted area of study. Eight to ten Subject Matter Experts (SME's) work with a team of trained facilitators to determine the competencies needed to become proficient in the field of study. The product of the ACAP process is a report detailing the competencies or outcomes required in the field.

The ACAP Process

Prior to the scheduled ACAP, the facilitators develop an initial competency or outcome list based on a variety of resources. During the session, the SMEs add, delete and modify the competency list to accurately reflect the needs of their area.

The ACAP Report can be used in several ways. The main purpose of the report is to provide a basis for developing, validating and revising the curriculum for programs to meet current needs in a field of study. Because the ACAP Report defines Units, Competencies, and Competency Builders, it provides a clear transition into course/program curricula.

Aligning the ACAP with Course Curriculum

Courses can be aligned quickly and easily using the competencies identified in an ACAP Report for program areas. ACC Instructional Design Specialists have worked with several programs to make this alignment. The process takes only a couple of hours. If you have an ACAP Report for your program area and would like to make this alignment, or if you would like an ACAP done for your program, please contact TLED to schedule an appointment.

ACAP Report List
Instructional Development has conducted over 60 ACAPs for various academic and workforce programs at ACC. Click to access the archive of previous ACAP Reports.
Request an ACAP
If you would like to discuss the ACAP process in more detail, or if you would like to request one for your program, start here by initiating a project or contact the Instructional Design Manager Teresa Moore.

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