Cultural Competence Work Group

Foster success for all students by valuing diversity

Cultural Competence is defined by the Cultural Competency Work Group as the capacity to anticipate cultural needs and changes, recognize opportunities for equity, and function effectively in the context of cultural differences.

The Cultural Competence Work Group is composed of 15 members, including staff, and faculty. The vision of the Cultural Competence Workgroup is for ACC to have an environment that will recognize, cultivate, preserve, and respect our differences, while fostering success for all by embracing our diverse backgrounds and cultures without creating divisions.

The goal of the Cultural Competence Work Group is to lead ACC’s efforts to develop individual and institutional cultural competence for the purpose of increasing success equity across all groups and special populations. (These include race, ethnicity, gender, income, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, national origin, language, veteran status and other categories that commonly cause bias.)

A Summit to: Explore Success Equity and Diversity Topics

A summit was hosted by ACC’s Cultural Competence workgroup and College Access Programs Office. Faculty and staff were invited to learn how they can promote the success of all student groups at the first Success Equity Summit.

Keynote speaker was Dr. Martha Ramos Duffer. She discussed the underpinnings of racial misunderstandings, current research on how prejudices are formed, and ways faculty and staff can foster environments that are enriched by differences.

  • In addition to Duffer’s presentation, there were two morning workshops:
    • “Sustaining the Courage to Teach” — Cindy Johnson, founding director of North Texas Courage & Renewal, will discuss the question, “Who is the self that teaches?” based on the Courage to Teach program (We Teach Who We Are) pioneered by author Parker Palmer.
    • “Creating Transformative Learning Environments for Student Success” — Melinda Rothouse, ACC adjunct associate professor of religion, will address how faculty, staff, and administrators can foster student success through interactions with students.

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