Student Learning Assessment

Evaluate learning outcomes based on criteria

Instructional design specialists can offer suggestions on a variety of evaluation options to ensure missed concepts are caught early, corrected, and reevaluated throughout the course to improve student success.

Use of criterion-referenced assessments will allow you to:

  • Retrain students through targeted guided practice
  • Assess student progress throughout the learning process
  • Help focus students’ time and effort on what is most important
  • Provide guided practice that does not take away from valuable class time, while still giving students immediate feedback
  • Provide alternatives to traditional methods of testing

An instructional designer can also help with the development of practice that provides immediate feedback to the student as they apply new concepts, and assist with the development of rubrics with specific criteria to guide the learner as well as ensure consistency for instructors teaching the same course.

Options for evaluations may include:

  • Instructor, peer, or self evaluations using rubrics with clearly stated criteria
  • Performance based evaluations
  • Project based learning
  • Assessment questions aligned with outcomes and objectives

More information?

Start here by initiating a project or contact the Instructional Designer at your campus.