Blackboard Course Design

Make the most of the Blackboard learning management system

Blackboard, ACC’s learning management system (LMS), provides faculty with a robust set of online tools to support teaching and learning in both traditional classroom and distance learning courses. A Blackboard course shell is automatically created for every course, every semester, and Instructional Design Specialists are available to help faculty identify and implement the Blackboard resources that will best support student achievement of course outcomes and objectives.

Did you know Blackboard could do that?

Faculty are often surprised to learn about the full capabilities of Blackboard. Here are just a few examples how it can contribute to the learning environment:

  • Facilitate communication and collaboration among students
  • Provide opportunities for guided practice, review, and reflection outside of class
  • Allow faculty to identify, monitor, and engage with at-risk students
  • Bring course materials to life through easy integration of audio and video
  • Release course material gradually, based on date, student performance, or other customized criteria
  • Reward student achievement with badges and certificates

More information?

Start here by initiating a project or contact the Instructional Designer at your campus.