Virtual Spaces

Connect with students from anyplace or anytime

Virtual spaces are an asset to teaching and learning even if you teach on campus. Online assignments that make use of links to web resources and discussions can augment and support face-to-face activities. Students in hybrid classes that are both face-to-face and online, especially benefit from the use of Blackboard’s features.

Instructional Uses

In addition to classrooms well-equipped with current technologies on each campus, students and faculty can share virtual learning spaces using Blackboard, Adobe Connect and other tools. The key feature of these environments is that interactions among students and faculty are facilitated from remote locations either at the same time (real time) or any time (asynchronously). Virtual learning spaces mirror what would take place in a “brick and mortar” classroom. Via the Internet and computers, students access learning outcomes and syllabi, course content, practice assignments, tests and grades. Online discussion and chat can keep students connected with each other in a social space.

Need more information?

For help in developing lesson plans using virtual spaces, see the Instructional Designer on your campus.