Interactive Video Classrooms (IVC) Locations and Schedule

IVC Locations

  1. Eastview IVC
    Eastview IVC
  2. Highland Business Center IVC
    Highland Business Center IVC
  3. Riverside IVC
    Riverside IVC

Scheduling ACC Courses in an IVC

If you are interested in offering an Interactive Video credit class, contact the Faculty & Instructional Support Specialist at (512) 297-7309.

If an ACC department is interested in teaching a new IVC class, the department chair or instructor needs to contact the Faculty & Instructional Support Specialist to discuss scheduling, training and support.

Existing IVC Classes roll over from semester to semester and are generally offered at the same time and the same location. Interactive Video Classroom calendar will be referenced to verify room availability.

Scheduling IVC Meetings/Events

Although credit courses have a priority for ACC IVC room usage, Interactive Video rooms are also available for other activities. Contact Rene Renteria at (512) 297-7309 for more information.

Need more information?

Contact Faculty & Instructional Support Specialist Rene Renteria at (512) 297-4309 or Multimedia Manager Paul Johnson at (512) 373-2398.