General Purpose Classrooms

Integrate multimedia with lesson plans

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All general purpose classrooms are fully equipped with audio and video capabilities. They have ceiling mounted video projectors that are operated using a control panel on the wall or mounted in the podium.

If you need an orientation to the equipment, media staff on each campus are available to assist you any time. The design of the rooms has been simplified to help you manage media materials in your classroom.

What is in each room?

  • Classroom

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  • Podium

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  • Inside Podium

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Instructional uses

Instructors can project images from the podium computer or their own laptop to share web pages, documents or videos. Multimedia can add value to the classroom lecture by providing sounds and images not typically available in a lecture. The document projector lets the instructor share a notebook, book or live drawing/notes on paper.

Students can share their own work using the podium computer and the mounted video projectors.

Need more information?

Whether something is broken, or if the instructor is not sure how to engage the equipment, a Faculty & Instructional Support Specialist is available days, nights, and weekends to respond immediately with hands-on assistance. The Media Center location and contact number is posted on the equipment in the classrooms.

For help in developing lesson plans using multimedia, see the Instructional Designer at your campus. If you need orientation to the equipment, a Faculty & Instructional Support Specialist at your campus is available to assist you.