Technology Installations

Plan effective use of classrooms

Campus Technology Services CTS offers experience in the design and renovation of classrooms, lecture halls, video conference rooms, conference rooms, and unique departmental rooms to incorporate the latest educational technology.

At your request, the multimedia department will conduct a needs assessment; design technology and related infrastructure for new instructional space or renovation of existing classrooms, and plans for conduit/cable runs to meet electric and data needs; prepare equipment procurement lists; provide installation and manage projects by coordinating technology infrastructure upgrades with various ACC departments.

The size and scope of the project, and, in the case of renovation, the availability of the room(s) in question, affect our installation timeline. The actual implementation of projects is usually undertaken during the summer, spring break, or intersessions.

We encourage you to contact ICT as early as possible to properly plan in advance and receive necessary approval from the College Wide Technology Committee. Please fill out the classroom installation request form.

More information?

To consult on classroom, conference room and departmental room design for renovation, and installation of educational technology, please contact the ICT Multimedia Manager Paul Johnson at (512) 373-2398.