Media Equipment & Support

Get immediate on-site support from FISS

Faculty & Instructional Support Specialists (FISS) are the immediate point of contact for general daily classroom support at your campus and they will help address issues with:

  • Audio/visual technology in classrooms
  • Training on use of classroom equipment and technology
  • Analyze hardware and software functionality in classrooms
  • Identify, resolve, and repair problems within scope of their authority and knowledge.

Faculty & Instructional Support Specialists (FISS) provide advanced software and peripherals support, training, and assistance to faculty and staff in the Faculty Resources Centers (FRC). Faculty & Instructional Support Specialists (FISS) are also available for consultations, recommendations, training and direct support as needed with the usage of equipment on campus for such things as video conferencing or special events.

How do we support faculty & staff?

CTS Media Services maintains multimedia technology in general purpose classrooms and learning spaces. An ACC standard console provides a projector, dedicated computer, BluRay/DVD/VCR combo player, laptop connection, media console and control system.

Need support?

Contact a Faculty & Instructional Support Specialist at your campus. Note: Only faculty and staff can request equipment for student projects and presentations. Students are not allowed direct access to media services.