Computer Center: Questions & Answers

General Questions

I need help using the computer or hardware. Whan can I do?

In the Computer Centers, a Lab Assistant or Technician is always present to help you. They are proficient with Microsoft Office, Internet usage, and general PC issues. If the Lab assistant is unable to answer your question they will escalate it to the Technician.

The Computer Center is full; I need to use a PC with Microsoft Office.

Academic work is a priority in the lab. If students are using the workstations for recreation in a full lab, we will then ask those students to give up the workstations for students that need them for class related work. Also, the ACC Libraries are equipped with laptops for student check out. Since these Laptops are subject to availability, check with the Library Circulation desk for further information.

Does ACC offer wireless network access?

Check In

Do you need to see my Student ID right now?

NO. All students using the computer center have to log in with their ACC eID.

Can I loan my Student ID to family or friends?

No, you are the only one that can use your student ID for college resources. The student ID is for your benefit. It keeps others who are non-students from using the resources that you pay for.

Where can I get my Student ID?

An ACC ID dated with the current semester is available at the ACC Admissions office and must be renewed every semester.

I forgot my password to my ACC eID and I need to print my paper, what do I do?

You can go to the Library and request to use a visitor station. You will be asked to show your valid, government-issued photo ID to utilize their guest station. Once you complete this process, go to Austin Community College webpage and the link for ACC eID Manager and just follow the instructions to recover your password. Once your password is reset you can utilize the computer center station or a library public access station with your ACC eID to print your paper.


Is printing available in the Computer Center?

Yes. You are allowed to print 15 pages per day. After that it is ten cents per page.

Do you have color printers?

No, currently we do not provide color printing for student use.

Can I connect my personal laptop to a Lab Network port?

No. Currently we do not have any Network ports that students can use for personal computers. If you have a USB drive we suggest you save your files to that to work on both a Lab PC and your Laptop. You can connect to the ACCStudent wireless network by accessing the instructions here.


How do I use a CD that came with my textbook?

Students are allowed to install software on the CDROM Station. First, place the CD into the drive, and press the button again to close it. The CD will usually start to spin and open itself on the desktop and give you the option to install. If that doesn’t happen, another way to open the CD is to select the MY COMPUTER icon and select the Compact Disk drive (drive [E:] on CDROM Stations) and choose setup and/or install.

Do you have Photoshop?

No, currently we do not have Photoshop available for student use.

Why can’t we save anything onto the desktop?

To ensure that that all machines run optimally and are not cluttered with downloaded material, students are restricted from saving anything onto the computers. However, students may download material onto a USB flash drive, or even email the files to themselves. If a student wishes to request certain software/downloads to assist with their coursework, those requests may be directed to the attention of the Computer Center Staff and an inquiry will be initiated. Files will not remain on the computer once students leave.

Need more information?

For technical support or assistance accessing any of the computer services, contact a Senior Computer Support Technicians at your campus.