Computer Center Regulations

General Information:

  • Students must have a valid ACC eID to use a computer.
  • Academic work is a priority. You will be asked to give up your computer for a student who needs to do academic work.
  • No cell phones, food, or drink in the Computer Center.
  • Students are not permitted to bring children to computer labs, nor should students leave children unattended in the halls, offices, libraries, learning labs, testing centers, cafeterias, or any other college location. See Student Handbook the section Health and Safety: Policy on Unattended Children.
  • Students must abide by the ACC Information Systems Usage Policies.
  • There is a 10 cents per page charge for printing more than 15 pages per day.

For more information about checking in and academic work please visit Computer Center: Questions & Answers.

Adaptive Technologies

Accessible Stations:

  • Wheelchair accessible workstations are available in IRT Computer Centers at all 10 Austin campuses and extension sites in Fredericksburg .
  • 19"- 21" Monitors are also available in the Library at 10 campuses and in the Computer Centers at Fredericksburg.

Adaptive Software:

  • Magnifier and Narrator are available on all stations in the computer centers, computer classrooms, and reference stations.
  • Jaws and Magic are available on one Library reference station at each campus.

Information about requesting additional accommodations can be found on Student Accessibility Services & Assistive Technology (SAS).

Printing Guidelines

In Computer Centers

  • Students may print 15 free pages per day
  • Each additional page will cost 10 cents, payable at the Library circulation desk.
  • Computer center staff may not accept money from students, but staff will hold printouts at the desk until the student returns with a receipt.

In the Library

  • Students may print 15 free pages per day.
  • Each additional page will cost 10 cents, payable at the Library circulation desk.
  • Please refer to Printing in ACC Libraries for added information about payment options and alternatives to printing.

In Faculty Resource Centers

  • Faculty and staff are asked to use discretion when printing.
  • Classroom materials should be submitted to duplication.

Need more information?

For technical support or assistance accessing any of the computer services, contact a Senior Computer Support Technicians at your campus.