College-wide Technology & Capital Outlay Committee

Procedures to Request Replacement and New Computers and Equipment

As of 09/01/15, all computers are on a 5 year replacement schedule.

Replace Faculty and Staff Computers
  • ACC purchases and supports the following computers: Dell Optiplex, Dell Latitude, MacBook Pro, iMac
  • Staffing table faculty and staff will receive a replacement similar to their computer's original configuration.
  • Staffing table faculty and staff are provided one computer from Tech Plan.
  • Adjunct faculty and hourly employees will not be assigned a computer from Tech Plan.
  • Computers are no longer automatically replaced. You must submit a request!
  • It takes 4 weeks for a computer to be delivered, special requests may take longer thatn 4 weeks.
  • All college computers are eligible to be replaced after 5 years. This includes Faculty, Staff and Lab computers.
  • If your computer is not yet 5 years old, but is not performing well, please have your campus Technician look at it.
  • Each computer may be replaced only once through this process.
  • After the computer has been replaced, the old computer must be sent to warehouse within two weeks.
  • Computer replacement is funded through a centralized budget for faculty and staff.
  • Upgrades beyond the original configuration must be justified and are not automatically approved.
  • Tech Plan does not provide docking stations, laptop bags, secondary monitors, or any other accessories; departments must purchase these items.
  • Tech Plan provides 20" monitors for failed monitors, larger monitors must be purchased from department funds.
  • Solid State Drives (SSD) are not standard and will not automatically be approved.
  • Tablets/macbook airs are not replacement options.
  • The College does not currently support or purchase Microsoft Surfaces.
  • Tech Plan does not replace or purchase iPads. Departments must purchase iPads.
  • Special software with a cost of under $500 per license should be purchased by the department.
Replace Computers in Labs and Public Areas

If you have 5 or more computers you can email Tracie German and attach an excel listing of the computer asset number to be replaced.

Equipment for New Faculty and Staff

Please request a computer and desk phone by completing the Equipment Request for New Faculty/Staff Position form. Each faculty or staff position is assigned one computer. If a desktop computer is assigned, one monitor is provided. Desktops computers are fixed assets and should not be removed from campus. If a laptop is assigned, the department is responsible for purchasing docking station, monitor, and laptop bag if needed.

Request Funds for Emergency Repair and Replacement of Capital Equipment

Submit your request by completing a Replacement of Technology and Capital Equipment Replacement of Technology and Capital Equipment form. The capital equipment replacement forms are due no later than the Friday prior to the CWTCOC meetings. Please review the meetings schedule before submitting the form.

Process for CWTCOC annual budget initiatives

This procedure pertains only to the initiatives that fall under the Replacement category.

  • Each voting member is allotted a number of votes equal to one more than half the total number of initiatives eligible for funding.
  • A spreadsheet identifying the initiatives is emailed to each voting member.
  • Voting members select the initiatives they would like to be funded in the upcoming fiscal year. Ranking the initiatives is not necessary.
  • Votes are returned for tabulation. Initiatives are prioritized based upon the total number of votes each initiative receives.
  • Approved initiatives are communicated after September 1st of the new fiscal year.
  • New Money Requests are not reviewed by the CWTCOC. They are reviewed by the Budget Office.

If you are Faculty or Staff, choose the appropriate process to request the replacement of an existing computer.


Contact Tracie German Phone: (512) 223-1177

For more information about CWTCOC and a list of committee members, see College-wide Technology & Capital Outlay Committee in the Councils & Committees site (