Copyright Permission for Streaming Media

How to evaluate the use of content under The TEACH Act provision?

Submit the copyright assessment form to request approval of the material being used for educational purpose only, and also to receive advise about your options in case that you cannot obtain a copyright clearance.

Requesting Copyright Permission

To determine if you need to obtain permission from the copyright owner for use of any specific material, answer the following questions:

  • Are you using the author's actual work? (i.e. text, music, photograph, illustration, painting, etc.)
  • Is the author's expression protected by copyright? Is the copyright protection expired or in the public domain? If the works are not protected by copyright, you can use them freely without permission.
  • Does your use of the work go beyond the bounds of Fair Use and other Copyright law provisions?
  • Once you have determined that the copyright owner's permission is required, you should contact the copyright owner for permission. It is best to get this permission in writing.

Permission Letter for Streaming Media

You can obtain permission on your own by requesting a written permission letter from the copyright owner or their representative.

Instructional Resources & Technology requires a copyright permission letter from the author and/or company, the owner of the copyright material. This letter must be official, on company letterhead, and explicitly state that permission is granted to stream the video from the ACC Media Server.