Course Packs and Copyright
Course Packs and Copyright

Course packs are compilations of material gathered by or at the request of a professor to serve as classroom texts or supplements. Course packs have the potential to violate the original authors’ copyrights. Therefore, it is the responsibility of a professor wanting to create or use a course pack to clear copyright permissions for each document used in the course pack.

ACC faculty wishing to use a course pack should first contact his/her dean, or department chair. S/he should identify each document intended for use within the course pack. The professor then needs to provide written documentation of permission to duplicate and distribute the document. Once all the documentation is obtained, the course pack can be duplicated and submitted through the proper channels for bookstore distributions. These steps can be coordinated with the department administrative assistant in charge of textbook ordering.

Due to the timeline for this the professor should allow one semester before s/he hopes to implement the course pack.

There are several professional services that can help with course pack copyright clearance. It is up to the professor to handle any fees associated with obtaining copyright clearance for course packs.

  • XanEdu Open external Web site
  • Copyright Clearance Center Open external Web site
  • University Readers Open external Web site