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How do I log into Blackboard?

Please see the Getting Started with Blackboard guide for complete login instructions.

If you are a student enrolled through the Virtual College of Texas (VCT) program, your login information will be emailed to you before your class begins.

I forgot my password - what should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, please click the "Forgot your password?" button on the ACCeID Management Site.

How do I change my password?

ACCeID passwords must be changed through the ACCeID Management Site

What if I have problems logging in?

If you are unable to log into Blackboard you will receive an error message when attempting to login. Please see the Login Problems page for specific help and contact information for every login error.

Why don't I see all of my courses?

Enrollments are processed every 12 hours, please allow some time for the enrollment to process.

It is also possible that your instructor has the course site "turned off" until the course begins. If you have been instructed to access Blackboard for course materials, but don't see your course site listed on the first day of class, contact your instructor to make sure they are using Blackboard.

How do I view announcements for my courses?

When you login to Blackboard you will land on the My ACC tab. You may view announcements for all of your courses in the My Announcements box on this page. You can also view announcements within a Blackboard course by clicking on Announcements in the side menu.

How do I get my email address to display in the course roster?

You have the option to display personal information in course rosters and Blackboard's user directory. You can select which information to display from your privacy options.

To access the privacy options, click the "Personal Information" link in the "Tools" menu once you've logged into Blackboard.

Tools menu in Blackboard

The privacy options page allows you to select which information you would like to make viewable to the public. By default, your personal information is not publicly available.

What should I do if I've been locked out of an assessment?

If you've been locked out of an assessment you should contact your instructor to have the attempt cleared. Your instructor is the only person who can reset a quiz attempt.

Your instructor will be able to view any answers that were saved during the assessment.

Refer to Completing Assessments for additional information that will help to ensure your quizzes and tests are submitted successfully.

How do I check my grades in Blackboard?

If your instructor has this option enabled, you may click the "View Grades" link located in the "Tools" menu once you have logged in.

Tools menu in Blackboard

Review the Accessing My Grades guide for additional information on how to view your grades in Blackboard.

I am unable to view multimedia content (images, videos) in my Blackboard course.

Your web browser may be blocking mixed content. Adjust your web browser to allow all content:

  • Internet Explorer: Look for a security warning stating "Only secure content is displayed" and click "Show all content."
  • Firefox: Look for the shield icon in the URL bar to the left and click on it. You will see a security warning stating "Firefox has blocked content that isn't secure." Click the downward pointing arrow to the right of "Keep Blocking" to open the dropdown menu, and select "Disable protection on this page."
  • Chrome: Look for the shield icon in the URL bar to the far right and click on it. You will see a security warning stating "This page includes script from unauthenticated sources." Click "Load unsafe script."

Where is digital dropbox?

Digital dropbox is no longer available in the new version of Blackboard. You can now submit work to your instructor directly through the Assignment link. Refer to the Submitting Assignments guide for additional information on submitting your work to your instructor through Blackboard.

Can I use the Blackboard mobile app?

The Blackboard mobile app is a voluntary download and not required of students or faculty. You can always access Blackboard on a smartphone or tablet using a web browser on your device. If you would like use the mobile app, here is some important information on Blackboard's support strategy:

  • You must download and pay the cost associated with either the Android or iOS Blackboard Mobile app. These apps are available on the Google Play Market and the Apple Store. The cost is $1.99/year or $5.99/lifetime;
  • If you had already installed the free Blackboard app, you will be prompted to download the $1.99 version next time you access the app;
  • If using both an iOS and an Android device (phone + tablet, etc.), you are required to download and pay the app charge for each device from each store. However, you are only required to pay per "Store Account" if using similar mobile devices. For example, if you have both an iPhone and an iPad, you only pay once for the Blackboard Mobile app - despite being installed on multiple devices;
  • You are able to access Blackboard Mobile using either Android or iOS mobile operating systems on phones, tablets, and other portable devices (Blackberry, WebOS, and Windows Mobile operating systems are not supported);
  • Blackboard Mobile supports all versions of Android and iOS;
  • You are able to access Blackboard Mobile using your existing carrier or using Wi-Fi. Again, Android and iOS users only.

More information regarding Blackboard Mobile can be located here:

Can I get a virus from Blackboard?

ACC's Blackboard server runs antivirus software that checks every file uploaded for viruses. If a virus is detected, Blackboard will not allow the file to be uploaded.

We highly recommend running antivirus software on your computer.

Internet Explorer is presenting me with a security warning - what should I do?

Internet Explorer may occasionally present you with a security warning reading "Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?" Simply click No to continue working in Blackboard.

To avoid these security warnings, use another web browser such as Mozilla Firefox.

I'm using Windows Vista and I don't see a text box to type in.

Microsoft's Windows Vista is not compatible with Blackboard's Visual Text Editor.

To disable Blackboard's Text Box Editor, click the Personal Information link from the My ACC tab within Blackboard. Next, select the "Set Visual Text Box Editor Options" link and set the editor to "Unavailable." The change will take effect after your restart your browser.

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I am not seeing discussion postings or changes I make in Blackboard. How do I correct this?

This problem is caused by Internet Explorer's cache setting.

Fix this issue in Internet Explorer (IE):

  1. Click the "Tools" menu and then "Internet Options"
  2. Then click on the "Settings" button for "Browsing History" or "Temporary Internet files".
  3. Next, make sure "Every time I visit the webpage" is selected for "Check for newer versions of stored pages".

Note: You may also want to switch to using Firefox as your preferred browser since it may load faster and doesn't have the inherent problems that effect IE.

For Blackboard Support Issues, contact an Instructional Designer, students go to Help Center or callĀ (512) 223.4636. For faculty support go to Technical Support Services or call (512) 223.TECH (223.8324).