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Below you will find a series of videos from recent workshops.

User Interface

A global navigation menu has been added, making it easier to access other courses, notifications, and your calendar.
Global Navigation Menu

This video clip shows the changes in Content Editor and the integration of Video Everywhere. Video Everywhere allows you to record from a webcam and instantly post the video to Blackboard. The video is hosted on YouTube. Teaching Styles is a Blackboard application that provides instructors a template for navigation and course structure, and Announcement Cast, which enables you to post announcements in multiple courses.
Content Editor, Video Everywhere, Teaching Styles, Announcement Cast

View this video clip to see how Blackboard Notifications can inform students and instructors of upcoming due dates, messages, and alerts they have received. Blackboard's Calendar has also been updated to use filters, colors, and views and the ability to import into other calendars. Date Management is another new feature that allows instructors to adjust assigned dates in assignments, assessments, and other course content.
Notifications, Calendar, and Date Management

Assignments & Assessments

Blackboard's Test Option possesses some new features. Test Exceptions lets you control when and how long a test can be taken and what students or groups can take it. With Test Feedback and Results, instructors have the ability to determine when and what kind of feedbacks gets delivered to the students. Blackboard now also has the ability to do Inline Grading for digital documents while the Retention Center gives you an overview of student performance and the ability to work more closely with at-risk students.
Text Exceptions and Feedback, Inline Grading, and the Retention Center

This last video demonstrates Item Analysis to help instructors improve their assessment instruments, shows discussion board updates and Blackboard's new Achievements feature. Achievements are a way to provide positive reinforcement for student performance. Instructors can award badges and certificates to students.
Item Analysis, Discussion Board, and Achievement

For Blackboard Support Issues, contact an Instructional Designer, students go to Help Center or callĀ (512) 223.4636. For faculty support go to Technical Support Services or call (512) 223.TECH (223.8324).