Blackboard™ Known Issues

Article No.: 000042812 - Disabled User from Course Receives Email Notification from Subscribed Threads in Discussion Boards
Issue Description: Students that were originally enrolled in a course and subscribed to the Discussion Thread and were then dropped from the course are still receiving notification emails for thread activity. (Replication not yet attempted)
Publish Date: 09/27/2016

Article No.: 000042769 - "NSP" Displayed in "My Grades"
Issue Description: When a grade of "00" is entered in the Grade Center, it renders correctly in the instructor view; however, when the Student sees this under My Grades, it appears as "NSP" (Unable to replicate)
Publish Date: 10/05/2016

Article No.: 000042828 - To Do Module Displays both old and new Due Dates for Assignments when Using the Date Management Tool
Issue Description: The "To Do" module displays both old and new Due dates for Assignments when the instructor changes the due date, then does a course copy. This was in KB article 329339 but issue is not resolved when the due date is changed using the Date Management tool instead of editing the assignment directly. (Replicated: Only affects student users who have added the "To Do" module to their "My ACC" Page)
Publish Date: 09/28/2016

Article No.: 000035898 - Grade Criteria Adaptive Release Rule and Test Availability Exceptions [Display Until] Conflict
Issue Description: Grade Criteria Adaptive Release Rule and Test Availability Exceptions [Display Until] conflict, students not on the exception list are able to see and take a test after the display until date. (Replicated and Reported by User)
Publish Date: 10/01/2014

Article No.: 000042836 - Special Characters in Category name
Issue Description: Special characters in grade center category names cause categories to not be assignable. If an Instructor creates a category with an apostrophe in the name, they are then unable to assign that category to any column from the column organization view. Categories with special characters in the name *can* be assigned individually from the "Edit Column Information" page for each individual column. (Replicated problem and verified work around provided by BB)
Publish Date: 09/30/2016

Article No.: 000042746 - Grade Center Smart Views Screen Displays Variables
Issue Description: After selecting "add as favorite" from the "Smart Views" settings page, the Grade Center Smart View list under the control panel shows variables for translation instead of displaying the proper title of the Smart View. (Replicated)
Publish Date: 09/30/2016

Article No.: 000042834 - Deleted Group Leaves Orphaned Group Attempts that Breaks Needs Grading
Issue Description: Deleting a Group with group assignments still in "Needs Grading" breaks access to Needs Grading as well as Full Grade Center Access to the Group's pending submissions. (Replicated)
Publish Date: 09/30/2016

Article No.: 000042802 - Assessment Rules Around Results and Feedback do not Appear to be Based on Order of Being met
Issue Description: Application of test results and feedback rules to attempts appear to be based on the second rule having priority instead of each rule being applied in the order they are met. (Replication not yet attempted)
Publish Date: 09/26/2016

Article No.: 000043148 - Correct Answer with Leading Plus Sign Marked Wrong
Issue Description: Answering a calculated question, with a leading plus sign, will be marked wrong. (Replication not yet attempted)
Publish Date: 12/10/2016

Article No.: 000034219 - Assessments Appear to be Available After Adding a Test Availability Exception
Issue Description: Adding a Test Availability Exception to an Assessment causes it to appear available to the Instructor even though it is still unavailable to the Students. (Replication not yet attempted)
Publish Date: 12/08/2016