Accessibility Training & Workshops

ACC Interpreter Services

IRT has worked with Knowbility, a nonprofit organization dedicated to accessible information technology design, to host a series of workshops and information sessions.

Past workshops have included:

  • Introduction to Universal Access: Web for Everyone

    Accessible design is increasingly mandated for state agencies and institutions of higher education. This class takes you through the most critical issues, including tools to validate the accessibility of your results.

  • Issues in Web Accessibility

    The US government and the state of Texas have passed legal mandates for web accessibility. Learn more about why the laws were needed and how they apply to community colleges.

  • Web Accessibility Tools & Techniques

    Headings and subheadings, "tabindex", and "skip to content" are just a few of the key elements that go into a functional and accessible website. This course helps developers understand the need for web accessibility, and how to design and test to ensure accessibility guidelines are met.

More information?

Instructional Designers work with faculty and staff to employ the tools and techniques necessary to make websites and other multimedia materials accessible. If you are interested in attending an accessibility workshop, please contact Instructional Designer on your campus to learn more.