Streaming Media Tutorials
Upload Files to ACC Streaming Server

Upload Files Using CoffeCup© FTP Freeware

These instructions apply to the free CoffeeCup FTP (File Transfer Protocol) application on the computers in the Faculty Resource Centers at your campus. You may install a free version of CoffeeCup FTP on your office computer. View the free FTP CoffeeCup video tutorials: Overview and Setting up a Server

Once a streaming video file is complete, the file may be uploaded from your computer to the streaming video server. Use the following instructions to setup and upload a flv (Flash) file to the server.

  1. Open the CoffeeCup FTP application.
    Coffee Cup
  2. From under the drop-down menu under File, choose Manage Servers to display the My Servers window.
    Manager Servers

  3. To add the ACC streaming server, click on the green plus button on the left-bottom of the My Servers window.
    Add Server Button
  4. Input the following information:
      • In the Nickname textbox, type in Flash Server.

      • In the Server textbox, type in

      • Type in Encoder for the Username and Password.

      • Click the checkbox in front of Passive.

      • Click on the More Options button.

      • For the Protocol, choose the FTP option.

      • Enter 21 for the Port.

      • To browse to your folder on your computer or Flash drive, click the Browse button to the right of Local Folder textbox.

      • Enter /uploads/ for the Remote Folder

      • Click the OK button.

FTP Settings

  1. To connect to the Streaming Server, click the down-arrow by the Servers icon and choose the Flash Server.
    Choose Flash Server

  2. Once connected to the Flash Video Server, click New Folder icon on the right-side..
    New Folder

  3. Rename your folder. Type in your email name.
    Rename Folder

  4. Double click the folder on the right side which you just created.
    Name Folder

  5. Select your flv or mp4 file on the left side.
    Select File
  6. Click the upload button to upload your flv or mp4 file.
    Upload Button

  7. The flv or mp4 file displays on the right side.

  8. Uploaded File

  9. Once the file has been uploaded, close CoffeeCup FTP.
    Close Button

  10. Submit a Streaming Request form to activate the streaming media file.