Teaching & Learning Grant Opportunities

New! Digital Fellowships

The Office of the Provost will provide ACC full-time and adjunct faculty the opportunity to participate on the Digital Fellowships for the 2018-2019 academic year. The GOAL of the program is to research and apply digital products, strategies, and/or resources to improve student learning outcomes as well as student persistence and completion.

Instructional Requests for Proposal

Instructional Requests for Proposal are designed to support the college’s goals and strategic initiatives fostering student success.
For more information contact the Instructional Designer at your campus

Faculty Fellows Program

Faculty Fellows Program is designed to increase faculty awareness and use of engaged learning practices.

Innovation Grants

Innovation Grants are small exploration and research grants designed to help faculty and staff try and test new teaching strategies, methods and technology tools to improve student outcomes in their courses. For more information contact the Instructional Designer at your campus

The NobleStream Next Gen Low Cost Grant Program (Fall 2017)

NobleStream has developed a grant program to assist ACC in exploring alternative lost cost Adaptive courseware solutions with intent to improve and measure student outcomes, and to explore adaptive platforms designed to support new teaching methodologies such as the flipped classroom. Learn more »