Meet Our Guest Speakers

Texas Statewide Meeting on Integrated Reading & Writing

December 2, 2016 - Austin, Texas

Dr. Susan Bickerstaff

Susan Bickerstaff, Ph.D.


Susan Bickerstaff conducts qualitative research on developmental education reform, teaching and learning, faculty learning and engagement, and student experiences at community colleges. The projects she has worked on at CCRC include: Scaling Innovation in the Community College, Analysis of Statewide Developmental Education Reform, and Student Success Courses

Bickerstaff holds a PhD in reading, writing, and literacy from the University of Pennsylvania. Her dissertation focused on the experiences of adolescents at an urban community college. Bickerstaff holds a BA in community health from Brown University and an MS in education from Drexel University. She has previously worked as a coordinator at a community-based adult education program, served as a research assistant on studies in family literacy, and taught qualitative methods courses at Rutgers Graduate School of Education.

Interview with Dr. Susan Bickerstaff (Video)
Dr. Jeanine Latoya Williams

Jeanine Latoya Williams, Ph.D

  • Associate Professor and Coordinator of Reading Acceleration Initiatives, Reading and World Languages, Faculty Member Critical Literacy
  • Community College of Baltimore County

Dr. Jeanine L. Williams is an Associate Professor of Academic Literacy at the Community College of Baltimore County. She holds a Ph.D. in Language, Literacy, and Culture from the University of Maryland and she has over ten years of experience teaching development al reading and writing. Most recently, Dr. Williams spearheaded the complete curricular and pedagogical redesign of developmental reading and writing at CCBC—moving from a traditional, skills-based approach to a critical thinking- centered, integrated reading andwriting paradigm. As the leader of this initiative, she was responsible for the course design and curriculum development, as well as faculty training and ongoing professional development. Dr. Williams shares her expertise by serving as an IRW consultant to colleges and universities across the country, and she has published and presented nationally on integrated reading and writing, critical literacy and other non-traditional approaches to postsecondary literacy instruction.

Interview with Dr. Jeanine Latoya Williams (Video)
Dr. D. Patrick Saxon

D. Patrick Saxon, Ph.D.

  • Associate Professor and Director of the Developmental Education Admin. Ed.D. Program
  • Sam Houston State University

Dr. D. Patrick Saxon is an Associate Professor and Director of the fully online Developmental Education Administration Doctoral Program at Sam Houston State University. He has published extensively and is coauthor of the book Attaining Excellence in Developmental Education: Research-Based Recommendations for Administrators with Dr. Hunter Boylan. For 22 years he managed the research activities of the National Center for Developmental Education. He is the editor of Research in Developmental Education, an advisor for the Kellogg Institute, a member of the National Association for Developmental Education Executive Board, and on the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of College Reading and Learning.

Interview with Dr. D. Patrick Saxon (Video)
Dr. David C. Caverly

David C. Caverly, Ph.D.

  • Professor, Graduate Program in Developmental Education
  • Director, Developmental Reading Program
  • Director, Technology Institute for Developmental Educators
  • Department of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Texas State University

Dr. Caverly has been involved in developmental education for over 30 years teaching and coordinating learning centers in community colleges, four year colleges, and universities. He has written extensively in the field and is best known for his edited book with Rona Flippo, the Handbook of College Reading and Study Strategy Research and his column TechTalk in the Journal of Developmental Education. He is Professor of Education in the Department of Curriculum and Instructions where he directs the developmental reading program and teaches in the Graduate Program in Developmental Education.

Interview with Dr. David C. Caverly (Video)