Instructional Requests for Proposal (IRFP)

Course redesign for improved student outcomes

ACC invites qualified faculty to submit proposals for instructional projects in the areas of Curriculum and Course Development, Distance Learning Course Design, Open Educational Resource development, and other work in support of instructional needs.

Faculty can apply to receive a $1000 stipend to adapt their courses for any of the initiatives listed below. The amount of $750 will be paid upon completion of the course design and development, and an additional $250 will be paid after the course is taught and an evaluation is submitted. Projects cannot exceed 2 semesters – one semester to design and develop the course, and a second semester to teach and evaluate.

Available projects include:

  1. OER Course Design and Development
  2. Design and Develop Courses with no textbook costs using OER (Open Educational Resources) or free ACC-licensed materials.

  3. Online Degrees of Certificates
  4. Design and Develop fully online courses that support the delivery of online degree or certificate programs

  5. Customized Student Success Courses
  6. Contextualized student success courses for Areas of Study

  7. Interdisciplinary Program - Course Design and Development
  8. Development of courses (or adaptations of existing ACGM courses) for specializations/certificates in the following program areas:

    • African-American Studies
    • Peace and Conflict Studies
  9. I-BEST (Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training)
  10. Creation of level-one workforce certificates incorporating I-BEST strategies