Instructional Innovation Grants

Grant Awards to Date

Year Awarded No. * Primary Award Recipient Department Title
2016-2017 97 Christine Berni English ACCelerator-based Composition I
2015-2016 95 Theodore Hadzi-Antich Jr Government The Great Questions Seminars
2014-2015 94 Gale Spear Child Care and Development Acceleration of Degree Completion through Course Redesign
2014-2015 93 Scott Gibby Foreign Language ┬┐Hay preguntas?: An Interactive Spanish Tutorial
2013-2014 92 Shirin Khosropour Psychology Peace and Conflict Studies Program
2013-2014 91 Sean Perry Photography The Picture Review
2012-2013 90 Chelsey Moore Art Mini-Lectures Explaining Mathematics through Art
2011-2012 89 Michael Martino Computer Studies Using Khan Academy Materials in Developmental Math
2011-2012 86 Katherine Staples English Online Short Courses in Writing, Reading and Note-taking for Cross-Disciplinary Use
2011-2012 5 Carol Hirsh Kinesiology Interactive Weight Training Tutorial and Kiosk
2011-2012 3 Shane Forest Distance Learning DL Early Warning System
2011-2012 1 Sheila Ammons Accounting Accounting Online Manuals