Digital Badges

Instructional Development will offer badges to faculty who complete the Blackboard Series (and other workshops) offered online. The online workshops are designed for those who are generally self-sufficient and independent learners, these badges are earned through evidence of completion. The series is self-paced, consisting of several modules that provide the participant with learning materials to achieve the desired tasks. Badges will be used to raise faculty participation to more than attendance; seeking a higher level of engagement.

The digital badges faculty earn are symbols that signify a valued skill that represents incremental learning and progress toward more significant goals. For example: Faculty can earn a badge for completing Blackboard 1, which will represent that they have acquired the knowledge from that module. When a faculty member completes all 4 series she will receive a badge that signifies evidence of competency has been submitted, and represents a mastery of all 4 modules.

Badges are not just images

open badges

In a sense, they are living images full of metadata that can be shared in online professional communities.

Instructional Development will use badging to:

  • Verify active participation and learning
  • Establish and identify new competency areas
  • Validate skills and experiences
  • Provide the faculty with a digital record of achievements

More information?

Contact the Instructional Designer at your campus.