Competency Analysis Profile - ACAP

Austin Community College is committed to meeting the needs of business and industry by preparing students to be competent and employable upon completion of an ACC Associate Degree or Certificate program. ACC uses a process called the Austin Competency Analysis Profile (ACAP) to systematically determine the skills and competencies required for entry into the workforce. These competencies form the basis for curriculum in several programs. The Austin Competency Analysis Profile (ACAP) is a process for conducting an occupational analysis for a target occupational or skill area. Eight to ten Subject Matter Experts (SME's) from several companies work with a team of trained facilitators to determine the competencies needed for entry level into the target occupational or skill area. Subject Matter Experts are those people who currently do the job being analyzed. Using actual job incumbents rather than supervisors, trainers or human resource personnel, provides a more accurate picture of the occupation.

The ACAP Process

The product of the ACAP process is a report detailing the occupational/technical competencies, employability skills and academic skills required for entry level into the occupational or skill area.

ACAP Report List

The ACAP process allows Austin Community College to systematically evaluate and update programs based upon current, valid information provided by expert representatives of business and industry.

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Aligning the ACAP with Course Curriculum

Courses can be aligned quickly and easily with the Workforce Education Course Manual (WECM) using the competencies identified in an ACAP report for program areas. ACC Instructional Design Specialists have worked with several programs to make this alignment. The process takes only a couple of hours. If you have an ACAP report for your program area and would like to make this alignment or if you would like an ACAP done for your program, please contact the instructional design manager to schedule an appointment.

For additional information about a curriculum development project for your discipline or department, start here by initiating a project or contact the Instructional Design Manager at Instructional Development Services.