Classroom Response Systems
Classroom Performance Systems - CPS
Classroom Performance Systems (CPS) clickers are probably the most commonly used ones at ACC.
Each Media Center has a set of eInstruction Classroom Performance System (CPS) student response systems, or clickers. These devices allow instructors to ask students questions and have them respond via individual response pads. The responses are gathered by a receiver attached to the computer and displayed with graphs by the video projector. The systems can be used for general polling, knowledge checks, or even formal assessment. For assistance with clickers contact one of the media centers.

To find out more about our CPS CRSs, visit the Classroom Technology Equipment website at this link:  

Follow this link to open a document that introduces you to CPS clickers and some of their advantages and

CPS Quick Start Guides:

CPS Pulse Quick Start Poster from eInstruction

eInstruction Quick Start Guide for Radio Frequency Clicker Set

Using PowerPoint with CPS

CPS Quickstart Guide from Lake Local

CPS Quickstart Guide from HEHS