Classroom Response Systems
Welcome to Classroom Response Sytems at ACC

This is the home page for instructors who are using, or who are thinking of using, classroom response systems, also called clickers, in the classroom. This website has two main pages, Overview, and Instructor Resources. On the Overview page you will find information what Classroom Response Systems are and what you can do with them, research on the use of CRSs in the classroom, and the features, advantages, and limitations of each of the three systems we use at ACC.

On the Instructor Resources page you will find information for instructors who need training in the use of CRSs, lists of which types of clickers are available for check out at ACC campuses, information on how to order clickers, and information on who to contact for help. You may open either of these pages by clicking on its link under Technology Support or by clicking on the links below.

Classroom Response Systems Google Group - Visit it often to keep with with the latset news in the field.